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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Aesthete's Alphabet - G is for Glass

Glorious glass....whether it's a vase, a jar, a bottle or a cloche, possibly the household item that best combines both beauty and practicality.

 Glass bottles make a beautiful display, whether they are old or new, empty or filled with something decorative. They look especially beautiful when displayed with light behind them to maximise their translucence.

 Cloches or bell jars are one of my favourite items to use, whether for decorative or practical purposes. They work really well when used to display something precious without the item being exposed to dust. They are also great for protecting tender plants and are very useful in the kitchen for covering a stack of delicious homemade goodies.


Glass containers of any sort work really well as vases and a group of matched or mismatched glass vessels make a wonderful display.

And finally, another favourite glass container is a glass jar.... for storing cookies, spaghetti, cotton wool, nail polish, almost anything or nothing at all!


Well, that's 7 letters down, 19 to I up to the challenge I wonder?
Till next time and H is for....
Sharon x
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  1. G for GORGEOUS because thats what these photos are!!

  2. Sharon,
    Oh my, so many beautiful examples. I can't even tell you which one I liked best because I think there are at least 7 or 8 that I am going to pin to my Pinterest board. G is great, as all the other letters have been. I will look forward to H. Thanks for this entertaining series.

  3. I am enjoying your series so very much - such a breath of fresh air and beauty with every letter!

  4. Martina is right...G is for gorgeous!

  5. I love all the bell jars....I just got one from a client...I posted it on my'll have to check it out!

  6. How on earth did you ever amass such a gorgeous collection?!
    Beautiful Sharon, thanks for the continued inspiration