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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Aesthete's Alphabet - S is for Stone

This alphabet series I began some time ago has given me many sleepless nights! I used to think I was quite a decisive person, but I go to bed thinking that I will do a post on "S is for Subtle", then I change my mind and decide to do "S is for Shutters", and I plan the whole post in my head, then a few hours later I am convinced I should do "S is for Simplicity" and have to start from scratch. By early morning I have decided "S is for Silver" is definitely the way to go! At some stage I just have to settle for something and go for "S is for Stone" it is going to be. I'm looking quite forward to X, Y and Z. Limited choice can be a good thing! 

Brick And Stone Wall Ideas For A House's Interiors 22

You might think that stone walls or floors could make a home feel cold and austere, but I think it has completely the opposite effect. The use of natural stone creates an earthy, rustic feel that makes a home inviting and livable. It can complement a range of decor styles, is durable and low maintenance and has excellent sound absorption properties. Here are some lovely examples of stone used both inside and outside. Maybe your heart will also turn to stone :).

Stay tuned for "T is for....." and I hope you appreciate the sleepless nights that are involved in bringing these blog posts to you.

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. I can well imagine the sleepless nights ;-) But what a pleasure to read the aesthetes alphabet. Am enjoying it so much. Stone is hard but yielding in emotion don't you think.

    Yes, you do think as your images show.

  2. You always include so many inspiring photos!! I love the last one and used it as an inspiration photo for my new gates at home! Hope you are having a lovely summer!! xo Leslie

  3. Mmmm, love stone! Hope to live in a stone cottage someday!

  4. Sharon, I look forward to your posts. They are always top notch! Thank you.

  5. Sharon you are always appreciated, sleep deprived or not! Gorgeous post as usual:)xob

  6. Love your brick and stone wall ideas! I think the stone is a nice way of adding rustic charm to an interior.
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  7. Sharon,
    I have always wished for a stone wall in my home. Maybe a kitchen. Alas, it's not to be for me, so I'm happy you selected S is for Stone. These images will have to satisfy the wish for a stone wall.
    I have really enjoyed this series, I can imagine how many choices there were for each letter. :-)

  8. These photos are stunning! The stone makes the place looks some kind of romantic, brings me somewhere in a wood cabin far away of any civilization or in an ancient castle :)

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  9. Too bad I am so attracted to stone. Here in Savannah, Georgia, USA, we have no rock, only sand and sunshine! Thank you for sharing these inspiring photographs.

  10. I love the stone charming!

  11. I have really enjoyed this series...and yes..I think Stone was the right choice!