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Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Bush Break

We leave to go on holiday tomorrow so my alphabet series is temporarily on hold. Instead, I am hoping to see some of these.....

and these....

and these....

and these....

 These too....can you tell I'm a real sucker for the babies.

We would be very lucky to see one of these elusive creatures....

Picnicking like this would be nice....but it's more likely sandwiches in the car so we don't get eaten by lion!

And since this is essentially a decor blog, some safari style decor seemed appropriate....

So why not pack your Ralph Lauren gear into your Louis Vuitton trunk and head on over to Africa? I'll be waiting for you.

The Aesthete's Alphabet will resume soon with R is for......???

Till next time

Sharon x

Images via Pinterest


  1. Hi there Sharon
    How about R is for Romance, as in a Romantic setting?
    Kind regards
    Pride - Johannesburg

  2. R is for relaxation! Have a wonderful trip and a happy and safe Independence Day!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  3. Wish I could come with you! Have a wonderful time and tell us all about it when you get back!

  4. Sharon,
    A is for Africa? Maybe we need to start the series over once it's complete. :-) Out of Africa is one of my all time favorite movies so the safari decor shots are wonderful reminders of that great movie.
    Enjoy your holiday, I hope you see lots of animals, especially babies!

  5. Just got caught up with your beautiful blog....have a wonderful trip!

  6. Such a cute one!! Maybe one day! Miss talking to you! xo Leslie

  7. Have a wonderful trip and come back with lots of "baby" pictures to show us.

  8. Tudo lindo e inspirador. Um dia irei conhecer esse belo país. Minha filha estudou em Cape Town e nunca fui lá visitá-la.
    Boas férias e tenha uma feliz viagem.

  9. There is nothing I love more than going on safari. Have a wonderful time and happy Spotting!

  10. My very favorite trip was a "photo safari" to Kenya in 1986 with my daughter who was 16!!

    It was something my mother wanted to do with us! She "went up" before we could; and so we did it together; my daughter and I! say the least! It changed the way we see the world!

    Have a lovely time.........and I know you will appreciate every second!


    ps I feed giraffe with my teeth! (I never wanted to wash my face again!!)

  11. Have a wonderful time during the safari! I wish you to see all the animals you want to.
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