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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Aesthete's Alphabet - T is for Teacups

 I have been away for a couple of days visiting my mom and dad, both in their mid eighties, and it struck me, that even in her advanced years, my mom remains such a gracious lady. Her home is beautiful and immaculate and she still goes to such trouble with all the little touches, like making sure there are flowers in the guest room and always serving tea in pretty fine bone china cups on a tray with all the trimmings. 

It seemed fitting then to do this post on T is for Teacups...inspired by my mother, who loves pretty china, pink flowers and a refined way of life.

Aside from being used for tea, there are a myriad of other ways you can use your pretty china teacups.

Here they are filled with delicate little flowers and used as decoration for a spring lunch.

They are the perfect container for a single bloom....

....or to grow a herb or small plant.

They work very well as receptacles for those bits and pieces that clutter up your dressing table....

...and they make the prettiest containers for candles.

They work beautifully for serving a special desert.....

.....or a beautiful cupcake.

Why not start your own collection of mismatched teacups? They make great gifts too.

Well, I am slowly winding down to the end of the alphabet. The next post will be U for "uncertain ????", -stay tuned.

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Well, what girl doesn't love a tea party? Sadly, my morning gatherings usually consist of big mugs of coffee instead of delicate tea cups :) But, I do love using them for corralling jewelry! Such pretty pics… I'm sure your mother is proud.

  2. what a lovely and helpful comment! Especially to younger people who no longer "have tea"!

    If you are lucky enough to inherit beautiful teacups.....or (I promise you you can buy simply beautiful and rare teacups" in antique stores and "antique shows"(with lots of dealers!!)

    This is a beautiful way to make them useful......and their beauty and unusual and hand painted things will bring you joy always!!!

    thank you for the marvelous post!! Brava!!!

  3. have done such a have creatively thought of such great ideas to match the alphabet...your Mothers tea cups are beautiful...

  4. Thank you for a lovely post and a sweet memory. When my husband and I were first married I had a tea cup picture, in our first little place. Looking forward to the creative use of U. :) Best Regards, Rié

  5. What a cue post. I have an old collection of teacups from my grandmothers. Love the idea putting flowers in them for the table. Hope all is well with you and yours!!! xo Leslie

  6. I too have a cache of beautiful antique and vintage teacups. When I was collecting them, I fantasized about having lovely tea parties. Maybe I should give that idea another look. Thanks for the charming examples you have chosen.

  7. Lovely to discover your beautiful blog and seeing all the gorgeous old teacups.
    My Mother always had pretty fine bone china cups when we were drinking tea and I have many of hers and have added some pretty ones to my collection.
    Great idea having the Aesthete's alphabet.
    Happy week

  8. Great post…I love the idea of using them for jewelry organization. My mom gave her tea cups filled with chocolates and wrapped in cellophane and silk ribbons to all the guests at her 80th birthday that we had for her. Now, her grandchildren each have a cup.

  9. Oh Lordy! fabulous idea! I will copy her! what a lovely, lovely story! I am 67; I think I will do it on my 70th! One never knows! I have these gorgeous teacups from my own Granny! Thank you!!!

  10. Tea-cups with delicate little flowers! This is such a brilliant idea, would definitely do it.. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  11. My mother in law had the most wonderful collection of teacups that I cherish now and shall pass to my daughter - love the daintiness. Beautiful images!

  12. Sharon,
    What a sweet post. I love some of the tea cups you've shown. I love that your mom in her 80's still takes the time and makes the effort to share such a nice tradition.
    Sorry to be late to this tea party. I've had computer issues.

  13. I love this post. I want to get a tiered rack just like this, which is harder to find than the tree ones. Do you know what brand the rack is, or where it was purchased?