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Sunday, November 1, 2015

You had me at Hello!


 First impressions are everything. At least that's what I tell my children when their manners are left wanting. But the truth is first impressions do count for a lot. When you meet someone for the first time they form an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed. The same could be said for your home. An entry hall does not have to be big or lavish to make a good impression, but it needs to be welcoming and it needs to have a personality, something that tells your visitor about who lives in the home.

If you have the space, having some sort of table or chest as a surface for display is a good starting point. You could choose a decorative table that doesn't need much adornment....

....or you could decide on  more simple version.

You could opt for a rustic look....

...taken to the extreme by these old workbenches.

Whatever you choose, make sure it expresses something about you.

Deciding what to display on your table is entirely up to you. Plants, glassware and candles are popular choices... are books, ceramic or pottery pieces.

Lighting in the form of table lamps or wall scones will help set a more ambient mood.


 If you have the space, some sort of some seating is a practical idea.

Also pay attention to your wall space. A mirror is always a good choice as it adds light and depth to a space.

Framed photos give your visitors something interesting to look at...


...and an eclectic grouping of paintings, sketches also provide great visual interest.

Adding baskets under the table is both decorative and useful for storing those bits and pieces that collect at your front door.



 If more substantial storage is required, you could consider using a chest of drawers or a low cabinet in your entrance hall. Here are some lovely examples..


 So go and take a look at your entry hall and consider the message your are sending your visitors...if it says, dull, boring or just plain messy (which I know you aren't) you might want to spruce it up!

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead from a very rainy Cape Town. (Hopefully the dams will fill up for summer!)

Till next time
Sharon x


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Such a wonderful post! I wouldn't be able to choose which entry way....they are all beautiful and so full of inspiration. I agree....that first impression when a guest comes into our home does give a peek into who we are, what we might collect, our decorating style. I often think we forget to make that entry way an unforgettable statement when our guests arrive and when they leave. Fabulous!

    Laura from the USA

  2. Beautiful images! We've demolished our entrance hall to incorporate a new kitchen/living area and although I'm not sorry about the fact that we can make much better use of the space, I feel that we lack something to distinguish our main entrance in some way. I intend to eventually put some decorative pots outside the main entrance door and maybe incorporate a chandelier just inside the entrance...

  3. Hi Sharon, I agree! If I walk into a home and the entry way is awkward the whole house feels many great inspirations...I'm going to go work on my entry way!

  4. Hi Sharon,
    I couldn't agree more, from curb appeal to the entrance hall of your home, that is where people get a sense of your style and the welcome you provide. There are so many welcoming foyers here, I can't decide which one is my favorite! Great post.