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Monday, February 22, 2016

My House has Gone to the Dogs

 I am ashamed to say that I have not always been a dog-person. I grew up with dogs and liked them well enough but did not rush out to get dogs of my own. Before having children, I worked full-time, we travelled quite a bit and often went away for weekends. We thought a dog would make our lives a bit complicated. Then I had babies, lots and lots of them, well only 4, but it felt like 40, and life seemed too chaotic to include a dog into the mix. When the children got a bit older, I quietly started wondering whether a dog might not be a good addition to the family
 The turning point was when one of my sons came home from school with a dog lead which he had won in a competition. His opening words to me were "Mom, now that we have got this dog lead - we are going to have to get a dog"! So we did and have not looked back.

 We are all completely besotted with our two beagles, Blossom and Baxter. They are the most popular members of our family. They are always in a good mood, never sulky or grumpy, they don't argue or complain, they are always pleased to see us, they are not fussy about their food and they are always happy to be kissed and cuddled. Living with 4 teenage boys, as I do, I am extremely appreciative of these qualities!

 They make themselves comfortable wherever they feel inclined and we all just accept it. We cannot say no to them or get cross with them. One look at their sweet faces and we just melt. I tend to follow our good friend, Dr Dave's school of dog discipline.... when they have done something bad, like eating another shoe or a cushion or the smoked salmon starter off the dining room table, give them a lovely rub behind the ears and a kiss on the nose, all the while saying "you naughty, naughty, naughty dog!"

I thought I would be the sort of person who would never allow my dogs on the furniture - well..... apparently I'm not!

Let sleeping dogs lie, I say! (Someone else might have said it before me.)


 My children love cuddling them on the sofa and I love seeing my children cuddling the dogs - so its win-win for everyone, most of all the dogs!

Baxter -sitting in this corner of my study while I blog.  Why is he looking so guilty? I better go and investigate....

Blossom hoping someone might give her a lick of ice-cream. The dogs have one thing in common with my boys - they are always hungry!

Has your house also gone to the dogs?

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. These are gorgeous photos - made my day!!

  2. Sharon,
    I grew up with cats then sometime when I was in grade school I had a dog. So when I married we first had cats. Then, after son #1 we got a dog. I've never turned back. We've had 2 dogs and up until a couple of years ago, 1 cat and 2 dogs (along with an assortment of other pets like fish, a rabbit, a tortoise, etc.). Our adult sons have families and we still have 2 dogs. I love them for all the reasons you list! Your 2 are adorable.

  3. They are such cutie pies....I can see why you are so in love :o) We have two Yorkies and our house has certainly gone to the dogs. I always say," They aren't spoiled, they are well loved." I wouldn't have it any other way!

  4. I can't imagine a life without a dog or dogs. Yours are the most charming little beagles.

  5. Hello,
    I love these pics.

    Your dogs are really *family dogs*!

    ♥ Franka

  6. Oh gorgeous post Sharon!! I never thought that you would become a doggy person either- and look at you now! Love your pics- favourite is def the last one with the sun perfectly peeking through onto the

  7. love! We have 3 dogs and 2 cats and they make our house a home. The fur and slobber are a small price to pay for the love and comic relief they bring into our lives.

  8. Loved this post Sharon! Its a similar story in my house, but with the addition of lots of cats too!!

  9. Oh, yeah... we're those type of people. My husband says that our beagle, Sofie, is his blood pressure medicine. After dinner, she likes to jump into his lap for some Daddy-time. We also have Buddy, a spaniel mix, and Dalton, a roadside find when he was 6 weeks. He looks to be either a Finnish Lapphund or Tibetan mastiff. I've always had dogs in my life and do not think I want to live without one. It breaks our hearts when we lose one, but we will always want another. We didn't have children, so we give our love to the four-legged variety.

  10. Your Blossom and Baxter are so adorable! I too cannot resist my cocker spaniel...and she has full rein of anything she wants in the house. She has a favorite nap spot in each it should be! I truly believe that our fur children are the best decoration we could have in our homes.

  11. love your pictures - and your dogs. Hope ours (3 of them) don't get to see your post though, they might get ideas.
    I love your blog and I was wondering if you would give me your permission to occasionally reblog some of your pictures. (I am not making any money from my little blog, it's just I enjoy doing)
    keep up the good work!
    best wishes

  12. Such sweet pics. Dogs are such wonderful company. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. I love this!! We are complete suckers when it comes to Beau as well. I never thought I would have a dog that layed all over the furniture either...sadly we do!! Your pups are so adorable. I always love seeing pics of them.

  14. The photos of your dogs sleeping are absolutely precious - I especially love the one in the wicker chair with the floral pillow - priceless!!! We have always had a dog, and I can't imagine our home without one.