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Friday, September 23, 2016

Mix don't match!

One of my pet hates in home decor is matching furniture suites. They make a room look so bland, boring and unimaginative and should simply not be tolerated!

Probably the worst in my book are those matching bedroom suites (think Joshua Doore) where the bedside tables, match the dressing table as well as the chest of drawers and possibly the headboard. That is the biggest no-no for me. That's non-non in French, nein-nein in German and nyet-nyet in Russian, just in case there is any misunderstanding. Please people, don't go there!

 I can live with matching bedside tables at a push, although contrasting ones look so much more interesting, but that is as far as it should go. If you have matching bedside tables, then consider treating them differently to add some interest as in the photo below.

 If you are unfortunate enough to have inherited a matching bedroom suite, or bought one in a moment of extreme bad taste, you need to relocate part of this matching set to another room. Move the dressing table to your guest room and the chest of drawers to your living room. Go and do it right now...I'll wait!

There you see .... so much better.... now we can all breath easier!

Just in case you still aren't quite sure, here are some pretty mismatched bedrooms to inspire you.....



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Sharon x

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  1. Now I know why we're friends - we definitely do NOT have matching bedside tables in our bedroom! You would be so proud 😀 Loved this post and absolutely agreed on the 'Uncle In The Furniture Business' look x

  2. Sharon, you & I love the same things, always !!!
    Beautiful, calming, serene rooms.

  3. I love matching sets and hate un-matched (and my grandmother was a very formal French woman and she did too;p), but she did insist there should be some mismatch in accessories on them then and that to be matched, a room should have classical proportions and lay-out or it would look "tacky and American"---I say Kuwaiti Soap Opera 'European' ;) since that's how Arabs in general see European classical design to exist as... but for rustic French you are too right.

  4. Dear Sharon, Love your choices. And you are so right. I purchased an antique bedroom set from a friend (because it was so special) It even has 2 hand painted mirrors. The bed is downstairs in the catacombs, the nightstand and small bench are in the guest cottage, the side table is now my computer desk,one mirror is in the garage. One highboy, one chest of drawers and one mirror are all in our bedroom along with an c.18th. French Armoire. All pieces have hand painted elements and are charming...I can't give them up but our bedroom is definitely not matched.

  5. Sharon,
    I agree, but I am old enough to remember when the trend was the opposite. Thankfully the trend went away along with so many other bad design ideas. :-)