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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stylish in Spain

This charming house in Malaga, Spain, has an eclectic mix of Spanish, Swedish, French, Moorish styles. I love the shuttered window and the mirror casually placed on top of the beautifully curved table.

Such an inviting entrance with vintage French front door, beautiful water feature and unusual flooring of inlaid pebbles. 

The light filled entrance hall opens onto the living area. A worn Persian rug sits on top of a seagrass mat. The pretty Louis XV chairs are upholstered in a Chinoiserie inspired fabric.

I love the combination of weathered and worn wooden tables and beautiful antique French sofa and chairs.

The coffee table is an ancient Hindu bed.

The antique china shows up beautifully against the grey background of these lovely built-in shelves. 

The chandelier is an antique from Belgium and the French sofa is a lovely contrast to the more humble wicker chairs.

Blue and white and wood tones combined perfectly in the warm and inviting kitchen.

The light fitting is French, the table, Belgian, and the chairs, Italian.

The main bedroom has a beautiful Gustavian four poster. Did you notice the unusual ceiling?

The bathroom has a strong Moorish feel to it.

The guest bedroom is simply furnished in white with a pretty painted cupboard.

Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend ahead.

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Oh, wow! The bathroom is beautiful. And so are the dining room built-ins. I love how this house feels very substantial but airy. Thick, plaster walls contrasting with pretty painted furniture and contemporary pieces. xo, L

  2. The Europeans don't take their homes nearly as seriously as us Americans, where we "style" them up beyond comfort sometimes. You know what I mean?
    This home is lovely, comfortable, homey, and welcoming. Well done, Sharon !!

  3. Hi Sharon, I don't know how you find these homes, but spectacular they are! I always find inspiration in your posts:)

  4. So pretty! Love the floors in the dining/living areas, and that bathroom is amazing.

  5. Sharon,

    What a beautiful entrance .. and French door. The kitchen is gorgeous and I like the eclectic mix. Just stunning!

  6. Lovely! What a gorgeous home it's nice to see something from my country, I like your blog

  7. Oh Sharon that is such a lovely house.
    I love the dining room with its wonderful shelves.

  8. Hi Sharon, What a beautiful house! The entry is a hint of what is ahead. I especialy love the Moroccan inspired bath.
    All best,

  9. Ooh la la! I love so much about this house! Everything! Save that I would like to muss it up a bit so that it doesn't look so perfecto. ;) But otherwise I would move right in...

    And in Provence, we call the use of pebbles or smooth stones in the second photo 'calade'.

  10. I'm an eclectic type of girl, so this house was so intriguing with such a great mix of style. I liked the piece over the mantle especially. I have seen the picture of that entry before, but never inside - so thanks for the tour!

  11. Love it...Particularly like the shutters on the window in the first image..It all feels so lived in and comfortable. Have a great weekend. XO, Mona

  12. find the most amazing homes. Love it!

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