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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Durbanville Delight


There is something so appealing about this Cape Town home. It isn't big or grand, but has loads of style!

I love this front entrance with its reclaimed front door.

Beautiful velvet covered chairs combined with old trunks, comfortable striped sofa, gramophone and an old trophy create an interesting and stylish living room.

I love the scones and mirrors being repeated between the French doors. Did you notice the old ladder in the background casually leaning against the wall.

The entrance hall houses a grand piano and daybed.

Another view of the dining room with beautiful side table and another old trunk. Also notice the pretty lanterns hanging below the exposed trusses.

In the family room, a leather sofa is combined with French chairs and an ottoman, all with different upholstery, and it works perfectly.

The wood, leather and wicker prevent the black and white from looking too cold. The ladder is perfect for storing dishtowels.

The bedroom with its open plan bathroom is serene and lovely.

The U shape of the house creates a perfectly sheltered courtyard with pool and fountain.

That looks like a good spot to soak up some sun.

So what do you think - could you be happy living here? 

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Gorgeous home!! I especially love the dining room!

  2. I could be happy living there! It's a gorgeous home and welcoming!


  3. O yes, def. I love the black/ white striped canopies, and adore the raised pool. We so badly wanted to do this when we were doing the pool, but ground levels did not work out to go quite this high. Have a lovely week, Col xx

  4. Absolutely! The color palette is just my style. I love the vignette in the dining room - the concrete urn atop the pretty side table and the trunk beneath with a fur throw folded on top of it. And the pool terrace is gorgeous.

    All best,

  5. Sharon,
    Yep, I could be very happy in this house. I love the colors and the furnishings.

  6. Wow!!! I need to look at this a few more times! Gorgeous! It is elegant without being pretentious. LOVE!!!

  7. Sharon,

    This is a stunning home. I love the open entry with the grand piano and the table in the dinning room with just a little patina. Gorgeous outdoor space too. thx for sharing!


  8. I love the layout of this home. Would love to know the floor plan. The black and white stripe awnings and touches, the luxurious velvet chairs, and the grand urns really add a sophisticated dimension to the otherwise almost primitive looking stone and wood structure. I think it is fantastic. YES, I would love to live in this home! Thank you for sharing. Love your blog site, too.

  9. That entrance door is gorgeous, love the old peeling paint. And i love the idea of the open plan bedroom, wonderful place.

  10. Sharon, you have been finding such amazing homes to post. This home is wonderful!

  11. if I can just camp in that garden and use the swimming pool then I will be just fine ;-)

  12. Yes, I could Sharon! Lovely and elegant, but not formal, with a grand mix of objects and texture going the front foyer, and blck awnings! Is that black toile in the kitchen? Beautiful! N.xo

  13. Sharon, You find the most amazing homes...and so fun because they are new to us. things that we have not sen over and over. this is lovely. XO, Mona

  14. Humm j'aime beaucoup l'entrée, la cuisine, la terrasse, la chambre, la salle de bain ... En fait tout !!! Bonne soirée et merci pour cette belle visite

  15. That is one lovely home,
    love the entrance hall with that marvelous looking piano.
    This home is so stylishly elegant.