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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Monday Musings - Why I'm not decorating for Christmas

I am not putting up any Christmas decorations this year! It's not a statement against commercialism or any anti-Christmas sentiment, it's purely because we are going to be away on holiday for almost the whole of December so there doesn't really seem to be any point. It actually feels a bit strange not to be thinking about what sort of look or colour scheme I would be choosing this year, not having that ritual of unpacking the decorations and deciding how to place things, and having the memories associated with hanging the decorations obtained from various travels. 

To be honest - it has me feeling a bit upside down! But, being a blogger, allows me to have a bit of fun and do some virtual decorating instead.

I've decided to keep it simple and natural with touches of red.

The stockings will be hung on the mantel ....

...Christmas cookies will be baked...

...the decorations will be unpacked and arranged...

.... presents will be wrapped with plain white or brown paper...

....and tied up with pretty red ribbons or twine...

Pinned Image

...and delivered in person and on time....

...or maybe Santa can help a bit with this task!

The table will be set, fresh greenery with touches of red...

The wreaths will be hung...

 ...we won't neglect the outside...

 ...and doing it virtually means I can have sunny South Africa!!

...maybe even the dogs will be decorated....

And when you have a virtual Christmas, the dog can't eat the turkey!..

We will be sure to bring back some mementos from our travels.

But before we set sail for distant shores, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, all my wonderful blog friends and readers, for your fantastic support of my little blog. It truly means the world to me!

I would also like to wish you and your families a beautiful Christmas filled with love and laughter.

Till next year...

Sharon x

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  1. Beautiful, have the time of your life.


  2. Hi Sharon, beautiful I just need to get home and decorate! Enjoy the season wherever you are:)

  3. Go out of town and don't think another thing about it! We used to be in Vail, Colorado every year throughout the holidays, come home after the 1st. Our Christmas was spent in the snow, enjoying the town's decorations and we LOVED it!!

  4. Have a safe trip and a lovely Holiday! Please take lots of photos!



  5. Fantasy decorating - I like it! Have a Merry Holiday!

  6. That upside down snowman is too cute!

  7. Have a great time and we will talk when you get back.....

  8. Hi Sharon,

    Last year we went away for two weeks at Christmas but we had a party before we left so I put up a tree and took it down a week later. It was a huge relief to come home to a clean and un-decorated house. Have a great trip!!

  9. Dear Sharon, enjoy this respite for this year!! I am in the same situation, and feel the same , bit strange and misdirected this year....but plan on enjoying the season just as much....have a wonderful holiday, N.xo

  10. Beautiful photos Sharon and that dog eating the turkey made me laugh out loud! Wow.. can you imagine that?!

    Not decorating might make you feel a little out of sorts.. but there is also lots of time and effort {stress} that goes along with all the decorating and entertaining. Enjoy having a reprieve!


  11. Let the turkey eat the dog, sail away and enjoy your X-mas holiday in a different style this year. Have a great time.

  12. Amei sua ideia de decoração para o natal. Esta é uma época de encontro familiar, é o tempo que temos para ver nossos irmão que moram longe.
    Desejo a você e sua família uma natal cheio de saúde e felicidade.
    Boas férias.

  13. Beautiful ideas ... the snowman is very funny !!!
    Bonnes vacances

  14. we are going away for Christmas this year too! I miss pulling out my ornaments and decorating the tree but did feel a little better about the no decorating this year when I worked on our wreath--festooned with a big gorgeous bow! Cheers! Barbara

  15. You did a wonderful job on here with your decorating Sharon really love the boat with the tree. I always build a snowman on the drive for our plow guy and never thought of doing him upside down, I will now. I wish you a happy and joyous voyage Sharon!


  16. Virtual decorating is about all I have the energy for this year! Isn't it a relief to have a little reprieve? Have a fabulous vacation! By the way your virtual decorating was superb!

  17. Dear Sharon -
    I love all of your virtual Christmas decor :) Have a wonderful trip! Please take photos to share with us. I wish you and your family a fabulous and festive holiday season abroad.

  18. Wonderful Christmas post,
    even if you are not decorating this year
    you certainly have the spirit of Christmas with you.

  19. What a stunning blog!! I can't wait to enjoy more. You have a new follower. Please stop by my blog for a visit. It is mostly home decor and life in our 1831 farmhouse : ) Happy Holidays!

  20. Oh my Gosh!!!
    Excellent pictures my dear!
    Especially the one with two dogs, I love every Xmas pictures ...
    Great taste ...
    Bisous (from the snowy Italy), Babi