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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bathing Beauties

The ultimate bathrooms, in my opinion, are the ones that are furnished as you would any other room in your home, with a beautiful antique chest, or perhaps a glass fronted armoire, an exquisitely upholstered chair, a daybed or chaise longue, maybe even a Persian carpet and certainly a chandelier. I think I have visions of a Downton Abbey type of existence when the genteel lady would languish in a copper tub in her boudoir.....

Although the reality is, if I lived in that era, I would probably be scrubbing off the grime of the day in a zinc tub in the kitchen!

I love the beautiful wide floorboards in this bathroom (so does the dog, it seems)

A simple upholstered chair is often all you need to add warmth to your bathroom and to lift it from being a functional space to a beautiful space.

 If you have the room, a daybed or chaise longue would be a real luxury in a bathroom.


So much nicer to store your bathroom accessories in a beautiful antique than a purely functional bathroom cupboard.

This beautiful chest of drawers makes a huge impact in this all white bathroom.

I wonder if the servants have prepared my bath yet!

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Very exquisite photos but with a pinch of humor! I do love your choice and I do agree with you. I have never understood why people buy functional bathroom furniture. A chest of drawers, a chandelier, a luxurious chandelier make so much difference! Have a good week! CHrista

  2. Oh my goodness, give me any one of those rooms!!! Love!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Several of these were in my inspiration file when I started my bathroom remodel. Ahhhh... if only money were no object :)

  4. Sharon,
    There are several bathrooms in this post that I wish I could have. So many great bathtubs.

  5. Thank you for sharing and inspiring with these images Sharon, I have spotted 2 ideas I will def incorporate....the wall shelf holding towels, and just found a spot for my petit Italian side table with drawer like the ivory and gold one in the bathroom shared here....have a lovely week, Colette x

  6. Oh my heart! Love all of these!

    I am lucky beyond! I have one just like in the painting! It is copper, zinc-lined......circa 1860 made in Paris! (the water stays hot for hours!!)

    The water comes up to my chin!

    Heavenly. As are every single one of these pictures!

    Great post! I am such a bathtub person!!

  7. Such a beautiful selection, Sharon.

  8. Good morning Sharon,
    Amei esses banheiro, preciso de um banheiro assim. Quando era criança, em nossa casa de fazenda tinha um quarto de banho. Era lindo e cheio de detalhes.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  9. I love a beautiful chair or - even better as you say - a daybed in a bath. What luxury! Beautiful post Sharon!

  10. Beautiful photos and I loved the chairs in the photos as well. I pinned a few. happy Monday.

  11. Sharon

    I couldn't agree more. Converting a piece of furniture to a vanity, or adding and overstuffed chair adds so much warmth to a bath. Lovely images!

  12. So much inspiration! I have a chair and antique demi-lune table in my master bath.

  13. I agree! A bathroom is so beautiful when it is similar to other rooms within the house and I love actual furniture in the room. Who doesn't need a comfy yet beautiful chair and a chandelier is so stunning in the bathroom with all the other lighting and mirrors. We spend so much time in our bathrooms, so why not have them be incredible spaces.

  14. How I love these gorgeous bathroom images - a freestanding tub, a chandelier and a chaise...I'm in heaven!!

  15. Loved this post and pinned a few. I also loved several of the chairs featured.

  16. My girlfriend has one of those brass tubes.. it's gorgeous! Love all you images and I'll be pinning a few:)


  17. have such an artistic eye for beautiful images.....such beautiful bathrooms!

  18. Oh they are all so beautiful !!!
    When I was little, my grand-father had'nt bath-room and I had bath like the two children in the kitchen in a "lessiveuse" ... It was a simple time but with lot of share !
    Sorry for my english, I hope you understand ...
    Bonne journée

  19. Amazing bathrooms!
    May I have the paint of the second picture, please :)
    Bisous, Babi

  20. Those bathrooms are super gorgeous
    and I've noticed they have equally gorgeous chandeliers.

  21. hello sharon, such beautiful bathrooms! so inspiring!! love your blog and that pic of your kitchen garden is just so gorgeous!!!

  22. So gorgeous! I'd love to languish in one of those grand soaker tubs.
    Now you've given me something to dream about!