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Sunday, May 19, 2013

You Light up My Life

Yes, you do, you light up my life! Being a mom of 4 and having a part-time job, means quite a lot of my time is spent on what could be called drudgery! School lifts, homework, grocery shopping, laundry, school lunches etc, etc. Day in and day out, it can take it's toll. That is where you come in. In the midst of a big, grocery shop, trolley piled high, battling the crowds and feeling somewhat disgruntled with life, my cellphone beeps and there I see an email from a reader commenting on a recent post, how they found looking at the beautiful pictures uplifting, food for the soul, or something along those lines....and suddenly the world is a brighter place. So for my readers and  fellow bloggers.... an illuminating post... especially for you.

There are so many beautiful chandeliers, light fittings and lanterns available, it was hard to limit this post to just a few. Here are some of my favourites.

I love delicate, feminine crystal chandeliers, but not too ostentatious or blingy, if you know what I mean.

I really lust after one of these French antique or reproduction wooden chandeliers.

I really wanted to include these South African made chandeliers (above and below).  From aaart (Abundant African Art),  these striking chandeliers are finely crafted by traditional wire and bead artists using the distinctive infibinga seeds with their creamy/grey colours which add an earthy tone when mixed with cut glass crystals. At the same time, opportunities are provided for talented African artists and crafters to earn livings by making practical and unique homeware. You can visit their website to see other examples of their work.

I am also a big fan of lanterns in their various guises - simple, or more decorative - and great for indoors and out.

Bell jar lanterns are another favourite.

I think I will have to stop there else this post will be far too long and I have probably bored you already. I will save pendants, sconces and other favourites for another time.

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Sharon very thoughtful and a lovely post:)

  2. Sharon,
    You lit up my Sunday afternoon. I love the chandeliers, although I lean towards the French wooden chandeliers and the lanterns. So very pretty.
    I am constantly surprised how satisfying this whole blog world really is...the give and take makes me so happy. Thank you for always entertaining me with beautiful images and wonderful words.

    1. I may be late on this post, but could not help stopping to comment here. You are so right. The whole blog world is indeed so very satisfying (and complete). Sitting in Sweden on an overseas posting, I do not miss my regular TV(not that I did watch much), reading material or even speaking in English. I get so much of happiness and my world is complete, thanks to all the special work brought to us here!
      Thanks Sharon!

  3. Sharon such a beautiful post and has definitely lightened my day! I know what you mean about life chores getting overwhelming at times and you just feel like everyday is the same! I love these chandeliers and I too like delicate ones. I also really love the South Africa ones ... very beautiful! My eldest son lived in Cape Town for about 3 months two years ago when he was shooting a film there. He absolutely adored it and wants to go back!
    best wishes and thank-you for visiting!

  4. Sharon...such a pretty so many of these...

    Light fixtures are SUCH an important thing in a house!

    I HATE (very few things in life do I "HATE" but I do!) recessed light fixtures! So completely overused in today's their my opinion! HATE!!

    (that "rant" is over!

    Moving on.....there are lovely and amazing light fixtures out there!

    (I am writing a blog about this.....but here is a bit of a preview.......since you brought it up!)

    They have been building a house......(in Ojai, California.) (right near me!)

    It has "flown up"!

    take a peek at the light fixtures! (take a peek at ALL of it) best house ever built...

    and in record time!

    This is the racehorse of a contractor.......He just won the "triple Crown"!!

    Steve and Brooke.....won't take any credit......don';t be fooled!

    But "RODY and his dog get the TROPHY!!!"

  6. Thank you for a post full of chandeliers.
    One of my favorite things in the world,
    right up there with flowers and smiles.

  7. Sharon I've been on the same side of life and having a blogger pick me up and light up my life. People are generally wonderful and giving aren't they? Now there's a lantern above that I've fallen for and I need to go search it out! Beautiful post!


  8. Never get bored when it comes to beautiful lighting...these are all amazing and lighting can so make a room. Beautiful!

  9. The pleasure is all ours, Sharon. Your posts are always a delight. Today's is special because I also love chandeliers of many different stripes -- from subtle to shimmery -- and lanterns and bell jars and pendants and sconces and on and on. My favorites are invariably vintage or antique and I have used a variety in my home. I look forward to your follow-up post. Lighting, well-chosen as you have, is never boring.

  10. Hello,
    é maravilhoso vir aqui e encontrar essas maravilhosas inspirações. Amo esses lustre. Na minha casa só tenho um bonito. O resto é ventiladores, aqui é muito quente.
    A mulher moderna está cada dia mas sem tempo de nada são muito os afazeres. Mas me sinto feliz de estar aqui.
    Best wishes...

  11. You have certainly got me thinking about my inside and outside lighting. Time for some changes around here. Great photos...all so inspiring. Thanks!

  12. Some days I can't wait to sit down and have a look at your beautiful blog-so much inspiration and I can lose myself instead of doing all those boring things we have to do over and over xx

  13. Hi Sharon, wonderful post! Your blog is very inspirational it's got me thinking about our lack of lights in our home. My husband and I can never agree but I think we may have found a pendant we like! We are finally finding good lighting in Australia that is not priced out of our reach. Take care x Kerry

  14. J'Adore this post!
    I love picture n. 1-3-13. These are my favorite chandeliers.
    Have a great week end.
    Bisous, Babi