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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Perfectly pale and pretty

You would be forgiven for thinking this home is somewhere in France with its unmistakably French style, but it is actually situated in London.
I love the puddled curtains, the beautiful hanging lantern and the urns filled with dried hydrangeas

Mirrored panels have been placed on either side of the fireplace which make the room seem larger than it is.

The living room leads through the study area with its beautiful Swedish antique secretaire and then through to the kitchen, which was a later addition to the property.

The open plan kitchen dining area is filled with light and leads onto a gorgeous courtyard garden which you will see pictures of later.

The chandelier is the perfect antidote to the stark whiteness of the room.

The French settee is perfectly positioned to have a cup of tea or a glass of wine while chatting to the cook!

I love this table with its oversized chairs at either end.


The main bedroom is gorgeous and luxurious with its own fireplace and bay window. The half shutters are a good idea is privacy is required without blocking too much light.

I love the mirror above the mantle and the fabric lined cupboards on either side.

Many beautiful details.

This bedroom has a pretty French bed upholstered in a brown check.


The courtyard garden is beautifully manicured.

The built in seating is a clever use of space. Cute pug!

Love this!
I hope you enjoyed this little tour and wishing you a happy week ahead. Sadly the school holidays have come to an end and it is back to the grindstone for all of us. Thank goodness for the escapism that blogging provides - my daily therapy!
Till next time
Sharon x
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  1. Sharon,
    What a wonderful apartment with the nod to all things French and the convenience (for me since London is my favorite big city) of being in London. There are so many things I love about the rooms in the post.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I like the way they used mirrors and pretty details to compliment the interesting layout of this house. My husband and I are considering downsizing and renovating a home we've been renting out. I'm going to flag this post:) for future reference!

    Hope your first week back is a good one! xxleslie

  3. My new favorite. I love EVERYTHING about this. I am ready to move in. Seriously, just need the plane ticket. lol

  4. I love it. Thanks for posting.

  5. Sharon this has to be the most gorgeous home I have ever seen. I am speechless. I have to revisit and I also
    must share this post with all my girlfriends!!
    Happy New Year been so long since i've been here
    Pamela xo

  6. hello Sharon, so long since we connected, I have been a bit absent from blog land, trying to make more time to catch up...~ love everything about this home, thank you for sharing. wishing you and your family a wonderful 2014 ~ hugs&XX Colette

  7. I will borrow that idea of the garden tools on the garden wall. Thank you.
    This is a very special and serene space, and it was a pleasure to take a tour. Lovely.

  8. Oh my, how I love this! I must confess....I found you through Pinterest. What a lovely space.
    Very enjoyable post. Thank you.

  9. Sharon, It's been too long. I'm hoping to get back into blogging again. Love this post...Thought the kitchen was my favorite until I got to the back garden...Can I say love? Thanks for sharing. I'm working on a Sunday Supper post for tomorrow and mention you with a link. You'll have to stop by and see. A big hug to you, dear friend. Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year Sharon. Google has let me back on Yay!, but Blogger has not Booo:( What a stunner. I always look forward to your posts.xob

  11. Hello Sharon, This is my house!! Thank you for blogging! You can see more images of the house and the garden on my Pinterest page Thank you again! Leo

  12. Hi Sharon, I had the great pleasure of meeting the darling owner of this house, Leopoldina Haynes, when I visited her shop in London exactly one year ago - the store is called Les Sardines, I blogged about it in January 2013. I am not surprised the house is as stunning as it is. The shop was divine.
    All best,

    1. Hello Phyllis!!! How are you?? Thank you for your lovely comment! I hope to see you back in London soon :) Lots of Love, Leo