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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Aesthete's Alphabet - X is for X-Factor

Well I finally settled on a topic for X, thanks to a reader who suggested it .... this was her input... 

"The "X" factor..the "je ne sais quoi" that distinguishes so many of your design choices from mere do it so very well. It could be your piece de resistance...those rooms or design elements that just "speak to your soul" for some inexplicable reason......"

I have to also thank Margaret from Australia for these fantastic ideas...

               xenodocheionology....... love of hotels
               xylophilous.......fond of or growing or living on or in wood
               xanthous.......yellow coloured
               xerophytic.........adapted for a hot dry environment 

 Who knew??

Onto the X-Factor - not the TV show - not a big fan of that,  but I do love "The Voice". Do you watch it? What a great show! The contestants are so talented, the banter between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton is really amusing and Pharrell Williams is just so nice, I think I would like him to be the godfather of my children. No disrespect to the current godfathers though some of them are a bit slack. (You know who you are:)) 

I seem to have gotten a little sidetracked there.... sorry! 

Looking through my mountain of photographs to determine which rooms qualified for the X-Factor seemed insurmountable, so I decided to limit it to living rooms. 

There are rooms that just have that really special something that put them into the category of extraordinary. It's not always easy to say why. The dimensions and proportions definitely have something to do with it, the finishes and architectural details are also important. My taste definitely tends towards the muted and subtle as you will see by my choices. An antique or two often helps, a beautiful fireplace or another focal point is necessary, art or accessories create interest but it is the way that the room is put together that sets it apart.

These are the rooms that "speak to my soul" as my reader so eloquently put it......

So those are my nominees for the X-Factor - what do you think? 
I'd love to know what creates the X-Factor for you.

Till next time 

Sharon x

Images via : 1. Passion Decor, 2. Fable and Flame on Tumblr, 3. Blue Room Lady on Tumblr, 4. Velvet and Linen Blog, 5 Vicky Dar blog, 6. Casa Decorada Blog, 7. mmmarly on Tumble, 8. Casa Decorada Blog, 9. Particular Poetry on Tumble, 10. Unknown, 11. Casa Decorada Blog, 12 & 13. Dying of Cute on Tumblr, 14. Charming Spaces on tumblr, 15. Unknown, 16. Ty Larkins, 17. Evelyn Moreels


  1. Lovely, inspirational images, Sharon! I have to go back and see your prior posts!



  2. Sharon,
    Great choice. It's hard to identify one individual item that creates the X Factor for me, but when I see it, I know it. Interestingly, but no surprise to me, many of your X Factor rooms could also be in my list. There is something about a room that has it that causes me to never tire of looking at the room over and over. That is what I will have to do with this post!
    I love the voice and I agree, I have serious crushes on Blake and Adam but hands down Pharrell must be the most sincerely nice person in the business. I loved the way he encouraged the kids that didn't get selected, he'd make a great godfather. :-)

  3. Wonderful post! Actually, every post you post is wonderful! Thank you.

  4. You are so good! I would of never thought of it! So many beautiful images!

  5. I think they are amazing rooms and definitely have the X factor! Each room is perfect with it combination of texture, layering, and calm…so beautiful!

  6. "I am sure the 'je ne sais quoi' is different for different people, but your choices certainly spoke "to my soul" as well. Why??? I think I can see the constant elements that attract me:
    The first thing that strikes me are the soaring air and room to breathe...that space that makes one feel you are living in a very special place.....
    Rustic elements nestled amidst it an antique, a planked flooring, wooden beams....somthing with history and permanence....
    A subtle palate, allowing the strong elements of design to take centre stage...such as a fireplace with the bones of the past, paying homage to a grander era ...a time when fine craftmanship was revered....
    One-of-a-kind works of art silhouetted against a muted canvas of neutral shades of white, cream and grey.....
    Natural light, unobstructed by fabric and frills...allowing the architecture of fine millwork and plaster mouldings to be showcased....
    Raw elements of nature, together with a "little bling"...alot of patina!!
    Your "X" factor is inspirational...thank you.....