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Friday, November 7, 2014

NetDécor - The Way forward

I recently discovered the joys of online décor shopping! I have bought books and music online before, but I didn't think that online décor shopping would appeal to me. I tend to want to see and touch the item before I buy it. However, that is all about to change because I discovered an online décor shop that sells everything that I love. 

I chose the items I wanted (yes Niki, more baskets!), I closed the deal and paid, all done quickly and painlessly and sat back and waited. The baskets arrived at my front door in record time and they were exactly what I wanted. I think I'm hooked! I could easily furnish and accessorise my entire home this way. If you don't believe me...... just take a look! 

If I decided that I wanted my living room to have a sophisticated French flavour with an off-white and duck-egg colour scheme, this is what I would choose. 

 My dining room would be a mixture of casual and elegant with some colour introduced by the tableware. Everything you see is available from NetDécor.

Moving outdoors to my patio, wicker and rustic is the look I am going for with a garden theme. Just love that chair!

Even my boys' playroom could get a revamp. How great would these items work together!

You can almost redecorate your entire house without walking out your front door! No more driving from shop to shop, battling with traffic, having to find parking each time. You can make yourself a cup of tea, sit at your desk or relax on your sofa and browse through the variety of products at a leisurely pace. Yes, this is definitely the way forward. And if you need to make joint shopping decisions with a spouse or partner, how much more relaxed it would be doing it this way. My husband might even start to enjoy shopping - he could watch sport on TV at the same time!

Why don't you give it a try... you might become a convert like me. Although the company is based in South Africa, they do ship overseas too, so get in touch, I promise you won't be diasppointed!

The link is also available on my sidebar.

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. OMG, what awesome stuff, Sharon. But wouldn't the shipping to the states be really expensive? I agree, I also love shopping on-line. The convenience is what makes it happen for me. Not getting in the car and driving everywhere; Houston is huge, spread out and about the land size of Los Angeles, so I love the idea of merchandise arriving at my front door. xx's

    1. Dear Marsha
      Thank you Marsha!
      It really depends on what is being shipped. We have customers in Dallas and LA! Drop us an email on and we can work out shipping costs to your door!

  2. I'd never heard of them before now. But I can see that have lots of lovelies!

  3. hi Sharon
    I have also enjoyed shopping online but mainly for books, clothing and gifts. I am however cautious about buying bigger items unless there are more closup pictures showing details of finish and provenance of the furniture, how can this be allayed?

  4. Sharon...they have fabulous things...cant wait to take a peek!

  5. Sharon,
    While fabulous, it's dangerous! I want could be my undoing. :-)
    Still, I can't resist, I'm going shopping.