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Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Hankering for a Hammam Towel


I am going to Istanbul in 2 days time....I think I might have mentioned this to a few people already!
  I've naturally have done my research about where to go, what to do, what to see and.... of course....I know you will understand.... what to buy!


 Have you heard of Hammam towels or peshtemals, the traditional towel used in the Turkish Baths? Well I have now and they have most definitely been added to my shopping list.


These towels are 100% cotton and are produced in hand-woven looms in Turkey. They have the natural, organic look that I love and come in a range of styles and colours.

 The are highly absorbent, dry quickly and are lightweight, which makes them perfect for travelling.


 They make an ideal bath towel, especially in summer, when one doesn't need something thick and heavy.

 Aside from being practical, they are also very stylish (which is more important really!)



 I think I would choose the more neutral colours for my bathroom, like these examples.

They would also make fabulous towels for beaching and watersports, especially as they dry so quickly.  Perhaps brighter colours would be better for these purposes.

They would also be great for the poolside.....


 ...look at these gorgeous colours....


 Their versatility doesn't end there ... you could use them as a throw for your bed...

..... a tablecloth....

....a picnic blanket.....


 ....a baby blanket...

 ....for keeping a toddler warm and dry... a scarf.... a wrap....


 ....a sarong...

....a top....

 ....for drying cute little boys....

....or covering up cute bigger boys... (although he would also look fine without it ... just saying)


So I will be bringing one or two (maybe even four or more) of these back with me. Would you like some too?

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Yes, I would very much like some too! I particularly like it as a scarf. Please post about them when you return. Thanks!

  2. Can you bring back one of the big boys wrapped in a Hammam Towel? Or is it just the towel on offer?

  3. Sharon,
    I've seen these towels at a few of the import stores and my daughter-in-law (who is always finding the best things) has them in their bathroom. I've only heard them referred to as Turkish towels. They remind me a little of grain sacks, in look at least.
    Have a wonderful trip and be sure to show us what you find! I love armchair travel!

  4. Hi Sharon, Ill take one of those big boys too! Have a good time..

  5. I have been Ito Istanbul several times and am going again in June. It is fun shopping if you know what you want. The towels are wonderful and there is a huge selection. Please post what you bought and where you found them. I always buy a good leather purse! Thanks and have a wonderful time.

  6. Beautiful towels! Both the colors and neutrals! I have some towels called Foutas or Fouta towels. Are Hammam towels similar? Have a great trip!