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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Captivating in California

I wish I knew more about the owners of this house, but my research led to nought. So all I can tell you is that this home is based in California, it was built by Giffin and Crane and the owners clearly have excellent taste! I'm sure they are also lovely people because it is such a lovely home!

I love the garden. It is formal in style but not too formal. I love the way its divided into "rooms" and simply planted, mostly with box hedging. 

Moving inside, the home is beautifully furnished in an uncluttered, stylish way. The colour scheme is pale with touches of  muted colour to keep it interesting. 

The high ceilings and exposed trusses give it an airy, spacious feel.

The dining room with its Gustavian style furnishings has a simplicity that is very appealing. 

The kitchen has clean lines and the open shelving and lack of overhead cupboards keeps it from looking too "kitcheney". 

It also features a lovely breakfast areas that leads out to the patio. 

A close up of the beautiful breakfast area.

The main bedroom is just beautiful - light and bright, spacious and so elegant.

And finally, the bathroom with its lovely view out onto the garden.

If I moved into this house, I wouldn't change a thing. How about you?

Till next time

Sharon x

Pictures via Giffin and Crane


  1. Sharon,
    I live in California. I tried to discern the location based on the overall landscape and the surrounding hills, no luck. California has a lot of beautiful areas with low hills and such. I think it wouldn't matter where this house was located, it's classic and fabulous! Thank you for finding it for us.

  2. I've had the honor of touring this home, which is even more beautiful in person.
    Thank you for sharing the images!


  3. The kitchen does have sleek lines and the dining room is beautiful. High ceilings always make the rooms feel more spacious.

  4. I totally agree, Sharon - it's amazing. Hope you're having a great week, Sharon!

  5. Hi Sharon...I could move into this house too...any time!