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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Winter's Tale

I hope all the Dad's had a good Father's Day. I was away for the Father's Day weekend visiting my parents so I asked Matt, my 18 year old son, if he would mind going to the shops to buy some eggs, bacon, sausage etc so that he and his brothers could cook a nice breakfast for my husband on Father's Day. When I phoned home on Saturday evening, I asked Matt if he had managed to get to the shops." No", he replied, "Dad bought the breakfast stuff - he was going to the grocery store anyway so I just asked him to buy it". I think he might have missed the point! Boys?!? 

While it's not actually snowing in Cape Town, it certainly feels like it is. I have been colder this winter than ever before. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older. My dad, who is fast approaching 90, maintains that the whole idea of global warming is a load of rubbish - he just gets colder and colder every year!

This gorgeous, snow-clad home is in Maine, USA. Decorated by Design Firm, Nicola's Home, it is a lovely combination of  rustic and elegant, modern and antique, all effortlessly co-existing in a most inviting way. 

A beautiful antique bowfronted chest combined with casual wicker chairs looks perfect in the entrance hall.

The living room is beautifully cosy with its pale furnishings. I can almost imagine a reindeer coming out of those trees. Do they have reindeer in Maine?

I love the dining area with its rustic table, wicker chairs and contemporary light fitting. What a great place for comfort food, red wine, friends, family and gazing out at the snowy landscape.

Such an attractive kitchen. I love the yin and yang of the rustic cooker hood and luxuriously upholstered bar stools.

There is an industrial feel to this bar area - very nice!

Cute little French Style chest of drawers adapted for a basin in the powder room. 

You can find similar at NetDecor         or                           Block and Chisel

The main bedroom is pretty and comfortable and that window seat looks so inviting.

Different styles are evident in the bathrooms. I really like the glass fronted vanity below. I haven't come across that idea before.

And finally, the cutest kids bunk room.

I hope you enjoyed this home and to my fellow Capetonians....stay warm. 

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Sharon,
    The front of this house is dramy. I love it. So many warm, homey touches would definitely make one feel cozy when it's snowy and cold outside.
    I cracked up at your story about Father's Day and your son...that is the logic of a boy...'dad's going to the shop anyway, perfect!' :-)

  2. Beautiful home-I could move right in. I envy you and your cold weather! Our heat index yesterday (Tennessee, US) was 105F and I've had enough. Stay warm!

  3. This is one of the prettiest houses I have seen in a long time. I love every single room!!

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