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Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Musings - Cupboard Love

One of the (many, many) things that I love is a big glass fronted cupboard filled with crockery and glassware.

Everything is there, clearly displayed, just waiting to be used.....

...for entertaining or everyday use.

You have to be a bit disciplined about the way you arrange it....

...if it's too haphazard, it just looks messy...

...but there is a danger of over-styling it too.

The look to go for is "smart casual", if you now what I mean.

Uniformity of colour works best, in my opinion...

....although a little injection of colour or texture, like the wicker used below, makes things interesting.

Did you know "cupboard love" is a phrase referring to affection that is given purely to gain a reward.
The term derives from the way in which a  cat will give a cupboard containing its food superficial "love"  when it wants to be fed. The phrase is most often applied to human activity, for example when a child will say "I love you so much" before or after requesting a treat, for example an ice cream. My children never do that!!

.custom smiley

Wishing you a wondeful week ahead.
Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. oh, it looks so pretty Sharon, but i think i do need to hide my mess behind closed doors though… :)
    xo sandra

  2. I have always loved this look!


  3. This is a great post! this is by far my favorite kitchen look. I also collect white creamware and I display the pieces in my kitchen cabinets with glass fronts. My house being more rustic as its previous use was a stone stable, my kitchen is more modern and i relly like the contrast of the old creamware with the clean and modern light oak cabinets.

  4. Great post Sharon! When we moved into our new home, we bought a new glass front cabinet. They are not only functional, but liven up the space with reflections and interesting things to see...if displayed well as you the emoticom:)

  5. Hi Beauty!
    Thanks for visiting me! I always get excited when I see you name on my gmail! :)
    I love the look of open cupboards, but I fear I am far too disorganized and have the personality of a magpie to pull it off.
    We just bought two 9 foot tall cabinets, very similar to these, on Craigslist...maybe a bit more ornate. Paint is goint to transform them! I still don't know where they will land in the house. They were so heavy! We also bought an eight foot long antique shop counter with a marble top. I actually DROPPED the marble on our newly finished front sidewalk. (!) It all worked out in the end!



  6. What timing! I have been thinking of large pantry cupboards with glass doors all weekend. Over the years I have accumulated a collection of vintage glasses and I want to be able to store them (and enjoy them) all in one place. Maybe the next house!

  7. I had already seen the beautiful cupboard in photo No. 9 and I have to say that I love No. 2 as well. I'm a big fan of having beautiful kitchenware and glassware on display.

  8. Beautiful Sharon. Uniformity, the neutrals, the glass.. it's gorgeous. We are in the final stages of having our kitchen cabinets painted. I went with a two toned look.. black granite, white marble - a soft black under the marble and white around the black granite and white marble back splash. I've trying to decide whether to leave one of my cabinets OPEN or cover it with glass (similar to above)


  9. Such a great post Sharon and you are so right in my opinion! I hate that overstyled look that you know nothing ever gets used. Uniformity in color with a little texture added is great in my book! Great selections!

  10. I do love "cupboard love" and these photos are wonderful.

  11. I'll take all those glazed cupboards and everything inside. So divine! Cheers ~ Loi

  12. Love open cupboards. The white pieces are so classic and elegant, framed behind the glass doors.


  13. Hi Sharon, these are all so gorgeous and I would not be able to choose a fav! Missed you at Kamers, but hope all is well now with the patient and back to normal!

    Sending Love


  14. Il est difficile de choisir lequel est le plus beau ... :)
    Excellente journée

  15. great post--love all the options for shelving!!!