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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monday Musings - Symmetry and Sequence

There is something very pleasing to the eye about symmetry and sequence. Things that follow a pattern of some sort, or are placed in an orderly way are more calming than haphazard or random placement. I think I have a mind that craves order - maybe it's because my world often feels slightly chaotic. 

A row of perfectly positioned arches...

... matching lanterns or lights hanging in perfect intervals...

... rows of identical chairs...

.... symmetry and sequence in the garden...

... or anywhere else... all somehow sets my mind at rest.

Wishing you a peaceful week.

Till next time

Sharon x

All images via Tumblr


  1. Beautiful post. The archways in the first photo are stunning.

  2. Symmetry, repetition, pairs......when something is good, it's worth repeating. Why have one? :)

  3. You are so right Sharon. I am only just settling in our home after 2 years, and I am recognizing the calming effect of repetition. One thing I am really happy I did was to use identical ceiling lights, but in different sizes throughout the main floor(except kitchen/sitting area). Much more restful, and I think, thoughtful in design. Lovely pics as usual! xob

  4. Hi Sharon, I can relate; I need symmetry and order - inside and out. These are beautiful examples!
    All best,

  5. Sharon what a totally gorgeous post!!!!! I am a symmetrical nut so this really spoke to me in a big way. LOVE every single picture!! Have a great day.

  6. I'm always attracted to images with symmetry and order. There is something about long pathways with multiple items that are the same that I like.

  7. i agree. for whatever reason, nothing is more soothing to me. actually this gives me an idea to keep one of those photos in my pocket and when i get stressed i can just pull it out and make everything right in the world :) because in my design aesthetic i need the cozy of the eclectic around me too.

    the photo with the three beds, oh how i love that room, gorgeous!

  8. What a wonderful post!! Beautiful photos of symmetry!!

  9. as always gorgeous collection of photos xo sandra

  10. Certaines des perspectives présentées sont impressionnantes ... Dans d'autres, je trouve d'excellentes idées et énormément de charme !!!
    Excellente journée

  11. Like your theme roses and rust:) Love the first 8 views. Order is okay to a certain point. Am not one for symmetry in painting, but that does not mean that I am chaotic -far from that:)Happy weekend!

  12. I have six stray cats in two straight lines! Does that count! LOL!
    I have always loved an esplanade. The mystery of what comes next...



  13. Everyone is different. Some people like routines other people like change. I like thinks to be orderly too.