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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monday Musings - Captivating Kitchens

Did you know that I collect kitchens? I used to keep scrapbooks of pictures of kitchens which I still look at  from time to time and it's quite interesting to see how kitchens have changed over the years. 

Apparently the biggest change in kitchens arose because of a change in our perceptions of cooking. When cooking started being seen as a creative, and sometimes social act instead of work, there was a trend towards integrating kitchens with living areas. Families welcomed the trend towards open kitchens, as it made it easier for the parents to supervise the children while cooking. For people who love entertaining, the open kitchen has the advantage that they can be with their guests while cooking, and for the "creative cooks" it might even become a stage for their cooking performance. 

There is also a huge trend towards very sleek, modern kitchens, with completely empty surfaces, integrated appliances and state of the art equipment. You know the kind I mean - they look like no actual cooking ever happens in them. But, don't worry, you won't find pictures of them on the pages of this blog.

I like kitchens that look like people cook in them, families live in them, the appliances are used, the cutting boards are weathered and worn, the surfaces might be a bit battle-scarred and they are warm and inviting. 

But, having said all of that, I don't like kitchens that are too cluttered, and that are so functional that no thought has been spared on aesthetics. I think you need to pay as much attention to your kitchen decor as you do on any other room in the house. 

These are some kitchens that I have in my collection that are my current favourites. No more commentary ... just pictures. 

What appeals to you in a kitchen? Did any of these push your buttons? I would love to hear.

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. They are all so beautiful, it is too hard to pick just one!
    All best,

  2. These are probably some the most beautiful collections of kitchens that I have ever seen! Would take any one of them! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. Really, really fabulous post. I love all of these kitchens! I'm so with you on kitchens that look used and lived in, but not overly cluttered. These are all so beautiful!

  4. You had me at the first picture Sharon and it just keeps getting better and better throughout! I love the mix of reclaimed wood, stone and modern all mixed together without a lot of clutter. Gorgeous post!


  5. You pushed many of my buttons...I love old world traditional kitchens that function for todays times. I think you nailed it!! I love anything French influenced, stone hoods, limestone floors that are not perfect, all the elegant and rustic touches that give a kitchen "character"! Love these Sharon.

  6. I have to say, you had me at the first one! Sally x

  7. WOW!!! Looks like I'm the first commenter (for this post and literally as I am a new follower). I'm not even a good cook, but these kitchens inspire me to get in there and experiment more! You're right...a lot goes on in the kitchen besides just meal preparation, and it seems everyone always wants to congregate there. Great post!

  8. Of course we see eye to eye on this! :) Save one pet peeve for me--no more white subway tile! Noooo....

    And my favorite? Hands down the third photo. Wow. Although I would never say no to a few chandeliers as well...

  9. Love the last photo with the beautiful wall of glass doors.

  10. Absolutely stunning post Sharon. I agree that a live in, uncluttered look is important. I'm drawn to the open cabinetry and the long farm house tables. I just recently re-painted some cabinets in my kitchen and left one open. It really changes the look of things.

    Enjoy your week.


  11. I too have a love of's a good thing we don't live near each other, we would sit and talk all day in our kitchen, drink coffee...then wine...beautiful examples of good living:)

  12. I've never seen double islands before. Love that idea a lot!! And I love the first kitchen with that very narrow antique island. Gorgeous kitchens....all very liveable, too.

  13. You have chosen the most wonderful selection; there is no way that I could choose just one favorite! I do love when rustic and elegance are combined, which is represented in many of these photos. And, I agree...a kitchen that shows it is well used and loved is very appealing!

  14. Thanks for sharing such beautiful collection of kitchens !!
    xx Vicky

  15. Sharon
    I totally agree kitchens that look like no one cooks in them I do not get! You picked some treasures...I love the Eleanor Cummings one...but I love all that she does!

  16. I have been collecting ideas of European kitchen ideas. love the look!

  17. Ohhh la la...glam and gorgeous!! I want to cook in every single one of them!!! Let start at the top and cook our way down!


  18. So many of htese are warm and inviting, and look like more living goes on in them, even beyond the cooking. I know that's true in our kitchen - homework, chats, etc.!!! Beautiful post!

  19. when viewing some of these I let out a few sighs ... sigh! ;-)

  20. I just collected your kitchens on Pinterest!
    I love them all! However, they look very little like my own. Soon, I hope!



  21. Sharon,
    Not sure I can pick just one...I too love kitchens. I marvel that there are so many different styles that I love. You might think I'd zero in on just white cabinets or only wood floors, but no, I love them all. :-) But I'm with you, they have to be functional and comfortable.

  22. Ces cuisines sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres ... difficile de choisir !!!!
    Bonne journée

  23. So many beautiful kitchens in your collection! I'd take any of them. Now I really want to redo mine... sigh...

  24. They all are fabulous, I could never pick just one! I love the styles you chose, each one had such flair. Your collection is gorgeous.
    Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you!

  25. The eighth photo is divine! Not too sure about its practicality but the "feel" of it is perfect. Actually they are all gorgeous and I would be thrilled with any of them!