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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chateau de Moissac

Don't you just love a beautiful French chateau? Well, I have a real treat for you today! 

Built in a hill-top village, in the early 17th century, the Château de Moissac-Bellevue was originally a residence dedicated to relaxation, owned by a noble family from Provence.

With its monumental entrance, vast drawing-rooms and dining-rooms opening out to the gardens, its imposing kitchen, its bedrooms and bathrooms extending upwards to the attics, this is a magnificent example of  a French chateau. The building was actually rewarded for its exemplary restoration in June 2008 by the "Prix des Vieilles Maisons Françaises".

This chateau boasts a sweeping staircase...

...beautiful fireplaces...

...exquisite lighting...

...original features...

....first class cabinetry...

...attention to detail...

...incredible flooring...

...the finest furniture...

...amazing scale...

...wonderful architectural details...

... a perfect palette...

...fantastic plasterwork...

.... gracious gardens...

...and all of it in such a scenic setting!

What more could you possibly want?

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. GORGEOUS inside and out!! Sharon I hope your son is feeling better!

  2. Sharon! The Chateau de Moissac is my very favorite anywhere in the world! I long to visit it and will some day as it is at about a two hour drive from Arles. Happily, I do see it often though as it is rented out for photo shoots and appears regularly in top French decor magazines like Cote Sud. I find it perfect in every that I don't live there!

  3. I would want nothing more than enough money to maintain it. What a beautiful chateau.

  4. Oh my goodness! Stunning in its integrity, elegance and simplicity...this will be one post I will refer back to for a while! Thanks:)

  5. Oh yes, what a treat! I can feel the history of the place through your beautiful photos. Such style!, have a great day, Sally x

  6. what else could we want indeed. perhaps a few friends and some fabulous food and wine. i’m moving in.

  7. This is so beautiful, Sharon. Absolutely amazing - thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend, Phyllis

  8. love the runway of candles leading you up the garden path!

  9. Sharon,

    AMAZING! That first image is gorgeous and what an amazing staircase! Love the fireplace in the kitchen.


  10. Wow Sharon! You were right when you said that you had a treat!! This is absolutely gorgeous-- just what dreams are made of!


  11. So beautiful indeed!!! I love the simplicity of the decoration with a few very rich elements and all the grey palette and the empty spaces!

  12. Sharon,
    Such a natural beauty...stunning! Thanks for sharing. Jodi

  13. You cannot get more beautiful than this!!! Allows me to dream!! Leslie

  14. I want to live there!! That is such a stunning place!

    Enjoy your weekend Sharon!

  15. I visit a lot of "châteaux" but this château is wonderfull !!!

  16. I think I may have to get myself more latte to take all that in. Sigh!

    Have a wonderful weekend Sharon.

  17. Sharon,what a gorgeous place! I would love to visit.

  18. FABULOUS pictures! And I LOVE a black and white floor as well! So glad I saw this post! It was very inspirational…and I could certainly use some inspiration right now! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  19. Enchanting...just enchanting! That first image took my breqath away...the colour...swoon swoon!