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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Budget Bookcase

My budget bookcase in place

We have a gallery area above our dining room that was a big empty space just crying out for a big bookcase to fill it. I was also crying :) because I couldn't afford to go out and buy a big bookcase. After I pulled myself together,  I improvised...

Some inspiration

More inspiration

Inspiration from my scrapbook

Sorry about the bad photo quality - but to give you an idea of the space

I found this ugly duckling below on Gumtree (South African equivalent to Craigslist).

bottom half of bookcase before

top half of bookcase before
I stained the inside of the shelves and the top and top of the cupboards with a darkish stain called teak and painted the cupboards and frame of the bookshelves a colour called Matisse by Plascon. I added (with lots of help from my husband thank-you!) a moulding along the top and wider wooden strips down the front of the shelves to make it look more finished. I also added new door pulls. It holds a fantastic amount of books and the cupboards are great for storage. All I now need is to find is a ladder to lean against it and some sconces to go on either side. (Also budget friendly of course!)

Just waiting for a ladder

Shhhh - don't tell anyone but the urns are actually cheap plastic that I did a paint effect on (one day I will replace it with the real thing - or maybe not)

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Oh super clever, it looks like expensive custom cabinette work, you'd never know!! I do love the ladder dream, i hear you on that. Love Posie

  2. Hey Sharon, okay found you .. what a great use of space!! thanks for the visit earlier ..... I hope to get posts going again soon .....