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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Silver Jugs and Iced Tea

A while ago I was lucky enough to win a competition and the prize was a 3 night stay at Bushmanskloof. It was voted best hotel in the world in 2009 by USA Travel and Leisure and it is truly a magical place. The prize was for 4 adults and 4 children so my husband and I took our 4 sons and my mom and dad.

We stayed at a private lodge called Koro Lodge  and on arrival we were met by 3 staff members (a chef, a game ranger and a maitre'd) who were at our beck and call for the 3 days. Simply amazing!

It was so hard going back to our normal lives after that. But, I digress. The point of this post is that they served high tea every afternoon and amongst the spread of tempting eats was always a beautiful glass and silver jug filled with the most delicious iced tea. My children couldn't get enough of the chilled iced tea (it was very hot while we were there) and I couldn't get enough of the beautiful jug. I got home and was on a mission to find one.


I searched through my own collection and found the ones below. The one in front is very sweet, but way too small, the one on the left is a bit too modern (the check pattern etched on the glass is not quite right) and the the one on the right has too much silver and no glass. (Yes, I know ... I'm far too fussy)

Then, joy of joys, I stumbled on this one (below) in a shop and it was on a sale! So naturally it came home with me.

Then, tragedy struck! The second time I used it, the silver top bit parted company with the glass bottom bit! Luckily the glass didn't break. I took it back to the shop where I bought it, hoping they could replace it, but it wasn't to be. They didn't have any more and weren't able to repair it so gave me a refund instead. So the end of the sad tale is that I have my money - but no beautiful jug!!

So I am still on a mission.

However, I did manage to get the recipe for the delicious iced tea and have been making it every week. (Let me know if you would like the recipe and I will happily share it).

I make a big pot full and decant it into recycled tomato sauce bottles. (My kids eat a lot of tomato sauce! I wonder if it counts as a vegetable?). But it would be so much nicer if I could put it in a big beautiful glass and silver jug!

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Hello Sharon
    what a lovely price you won!
    I wish I still had the beautiful glass and silver jugs(found in France and also Germany) I sold at my brocante event for you to choose one..will keep an eye open for you locally...
    My daughter loves Ice tea. when in a hurry we buy the type from WW- the chain store you know... mostly we make ice tea with cooled down Rooibos tea and fresh juice....would love to hear your recipe?...have a lovely week

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Your iced tea sounds lovely. I don't think I have ever tried it. Your recipe would be great. Thanks for stopping by my blog also. I appreciate it muchly.

  3. Can you imagine that people live their WHOLE LIVES being coddled? Those are the ones that probably wish they could just go camping in the wild, with no one around for miles! LOL!
    I see jugs like that all the time at the Goodwill auction site. I don't know if you use it but the prices are really, really low.
    Thanks for stopping by to see me! I have fixed my upside down-ness!

  4. Hi Sharon, Wow, you live in South Africa? Isn't it amazing the universal appeal of blogging. Your coffee decanters are just lovely, it's a shame about the one shaped like a bee hive, it is so charming. I think I would have tried "gorilla glue" to see if it would fix it. I see you have a pretty bottle carrier too, aren't they wonderful? And congrats on winning such a lovely vacation. I'm honored to be your newest follower, and I'll be adding you to my bloglove list. Hugs from California, USA, tami