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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organising the boys

Since renovating our house from a single to a double storey, I seem to spend my days climbing up and down the stairs while tidying up. Well - no more! I think I have found the answer to the debris accummulated by 4 boys. I'm wondering if I should have allocated a basket to my husband too?

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Ah yes, when we build a big home for our family of 6, it's one big level. Sure it's not the thigh busting work out i need, but wow, i hear you. I grew up in a family of 6 too in a house on 3 levels, my mum must have been fit. Did you see the twin post i did a couple of days ago?? Love Posie

  2. Hi Sharon. I am raising 3 rambunctious boys in Alabama, USA. It is so good to see someone else trying to do it well and still live lovely. Beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing. *Brooklyn

  3. Sould sisters in deed! I love your baskets! Your home is beautiful!! I am your newest follower.