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Friday, January 7, 2011

My home - Before and After

I've noticed how bloggers seem to enjoy before and afters so I thought I would show you mine. With 4 ever growing sons, we were a bit short on space so, after much deliberating, we decided that instead of moving house, we would stay where we were and make our house bigger. We turned our single story house into a double story and pretty much doubled our space.


We took this house (it's looking a bit neglected because we had moved out a month earlier)

and reduced it to this ...

and this ...

then started building it up to this

The finished product

Another view

The garden getting established

I would like it placed on record that I hate the shape of our pool!! Unfortunately the renovating budget didn't stretch to changing the pool as well so I have tried to disguise the shape by gardening around it. I still dream about a simple, clean lined, rectangular shaped pool, but at least the kids can keep cool in the summer.
Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Your feeling about the pool is duly noted, but my goodness you must be thrilled with the stunning transformation of your home...its gorgeous and oh so roomy. I can hardly wait to get a peek inside. I love all of the architectural detailing you added and once the garden blocks fill in around the pool, I think you will grow to like it too. Thanks for stopping by FK...I am delighted to discover your new blog.

    ~jermaine @

  2. Oh my goodness, it's stunning, what a beautiful home to raise a large family in. We're doing the same with our 4 children (aged 7 to 11) but buying 100-150 acres & building a homestead in Australia. The pool is a must have out here too. Love to you in South Africa, love Posie

  3. You got a lovely home. Your boys are so lucky to grow up there. And the garden is fabulous as well!

  4. What beautiful transformation. Such a lovely place for 4 sons to grow up!!

  5. well done with this amazing transformation! enjoy your lovely home and thank you for sharing. xo Colette Afrique du Sud

  6. Its ALL gorgeous!

    The shutters and window wood-work are stunning and your garden is so pretty.

    I really rather like the pool shape, I think it is very pretty and organic, and is true to the nature of water which flows randomly and rarely in straight lines. The shape plays off the angular lines of the house and I bet that juxtaposition is refreshing!

  7. Wow, I love your blog! Where have you been? How have I missed you? I can see i will have lots of fun following you. I shall put you on my blog roll. Fiona

  8. Gorgeous work you did Sharon!! Your house looks wonderful!!

  9. My dear friend Sharon... I am your secret blog follower and I am busy converting my boys too, who also love it! I especially love your quirky sense of humour! I am hoping that my new pond/water feature looks as gorgeous as yours but not too similar! LOL your lucky-enough-to-be "Friend"