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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hammock love

Don't you just love a hammock?

It conjurs up such feelings of peace and relaxation.

I could definitely while away a few hours here.

My son Jack got a portable DVD player and a hammock for Christmas .... guess where and what he spent the rest of the day doing!

While on the subject of Jack and his hammock - when my husband and I went shopping for it, there was a choice of colours. I was deliberating between the green stripe that would blend well with the garden or the red stripe that would pick up on the splashes of red I have on my patio. "No, no, no" said husband "We have to get the blue stripe because blue is Jack's favourite colour!" So blue stripe it was. Does the decorator in you also sometimes threaten to overpower the mom in you??

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. One day I will have a cottage at the seaside with two big trees close enough to each other from which I will hang my white cotton and lace hammock. Just a book, a glass of iced tea, and a cat or three and I am set for life!