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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Repetition of Red

My home is decorated mostly in neutrals and naturals but I am definitely drawn to red as an accent colour. I think it is inspired by the ubiquitous red stripe in French linen. I did a stroll around my home yesterday and was amazed by how much red I found.

chair in the guest room

oven gloves at the stove

plate in the kitchen

French linen
geraniums on my patio


tea towels in the scullery

roaster and tagine

quilts in the cupboard

on the playroom shelves

napkins in the dining room
a chair in the living room

swimming towels hanging out to dry

Wishing you all a red-letter day!

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Sharon, My home is full of red! It's my favorite color, always has been since I can remember. It's inspiring like you said. I love your images, your home looks amazing. Have a Wonderful Wednesday, xoxo tami

  2. That is so pretty! Like crimson lips on a pale white face!

  3. I love red too Sharon. Doesn't it just about give everything a lift? I love that rustic french look with red.

  4. Reds are nice...
    They never fail to put some spunk and a little bit of cheer in any space...and they look perfect with neutrals:)

  5. Sharon, I have stopped back by to let you know I have honored you with an award, please stop by my recent post to accept, if you are so inclined :) If you have an award free blog, by all means please pardon my error, xoxo tami

  6. Hello Sharon!
    I enjoyed this take on a touch of red. it is true, I have noticed -unplanned-I have added red touches as well,inspired by my old vintage French towels..
    thank you very much for the recipe! much appreciated.thank you your comment as well, re the magazine- only out in April, and not on our house, just some of the articles I import and sell.. the house will be later in the year for a different magazine..xo Col

  7. I am too am always drawn to red.....
    Cute stuff!
    I've always wanted a red mixer!!!