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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wonderful wicker

It is early Sunday morning here in South Africa. My husband is away in New Zealand, my 9 year old twins are away at a sleepover, my older 2 boys are still fast asleep and I am very content in bed with a cup of coffee,  a sleeping puppy and my laptop, taking advantage of the peace and quiet to compile a new blog post.

I love the casual feel of wicker chairs paired with a rustic table for informal dining!

One can just imagine this table filled with luscious Mediterranean fare like meze or tapas and, of course, a carafe or two of wine. (I shouldn't be thinking of wine so early in the morning, should I?)

I like this idea of interspersing wicker with upholstered chairs. Make sure your kids use the wicker ones!

I love the cabinet in the background and the contrast between the crystal chandelier and the rustic wicker.

These chairs look more like banana leaf than wicker, but pretty all the same. Love the lanterns.

What a lovely, cozy room.

There is something very comforting about wicker.

Love the stone fireplace.

Beautiful vaulted ceiling and lantern!

This home is in Simonstown, a naval base just outside Cape Town - hence the naval references.

Love those chairs!

Love this table!


While I am content in bed with my puppy and my laptop - I would be even more content breakfasting here with my husband and a view of the Eiffel tower! (Just in case my husband is reading this.)

Till next time

Sharon x

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Summer Holiday

I think I've found the place where I want to spend my summer holiday this year!

Away from the madding crowd, with the beach on my doorstep, this house on South Africa's west coast would be perfect.

A lovely big, open living area, casually furnished and filled with light.

Room to breathe....

I would rustle up some magical seafood suppers in this kitchen...

A dining table big enough for our family and then some.....

The main bedroom has wraparound views....

From the outside looking into the main bedroom.

This bedroom has it's own fireplace.

There are 2 bedrooms that have their own little kitchenette and sitting area, perfect for grandparents or visiting friends.

Inviting rooms for children...

...including a play area.

The family bathroom. 

A quick stroll to the sea.

Easy beach living...

Should I make up a bed for you?

Till next time

Sharon x


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lovely Lilac or Gorgeous Grape

When I was about 10 years old, my mom remembers me showing her a picture of my dream bedroom decorated almost entirely in the brightest purple. I like to think I've come along way since then!

In the old days, we called it purple. These days you are a lot more likely to hear decorators refer to berry, grape, plum or aubergine. Or possibly, violet, lilac and lavender. 

I don't have any purple in my home, but after seeing all these pictures, perhaps I need to change that. A good way to introduce purple is with slipcovers. If you tire of the colour, it can easily be changed.


These linen slipcovers are just gorgeous!

More lovely examples.

I don't think I've ever seen a purple kitchen before. What do you think? A bit much maybe?

Perhaps purple is better in smaller doses...

...such as cushions or a pretty rug.


I love this colour combination.

A tablecloth is an easy way to add a bit of purple, inside...

...or outside.

Another way of introducing purple is on your walls.

It can vary from the palest lilac... a stronger lavender.... a rich grape (or is it aubergine)...

...or even a deep indigo.

...or how about a purple ceiling?

Purple upholstery makes a lovely statement.

You could even paint your furniture purple. A bit too bright for me I think!

Mmmm, this one is better.

You can introduce it into your bedroom with a throw....

or some pretty curtains.

If this is all too much of a commitment for you perhaps you could just introduce purple in your flower arrangements...


or even a purple cake!

or perhaps just keep it in your garden where nature does it best of all.

Till next time

Sharon x
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