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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Aesthete's Alphabet - V is for Velvet

How to describe velvet......soft, smooth, luxurious, irresistible, so alluring, in fact, that you are compelled to feel its texture against your cheek, like rose petals.....

 or Blossom's ears! (She's my beagle pup in case you were wondering)

Velvet can be used successfully in almost any room in the home...

The living room is the obvious choice as these beautiful velvet sofa's and chairs show....

It can add a really luxurious feel to a chaise longue or daybed.....

..... a sophisticated and inviting feel to a dining room....

.....and an indulgent real feel to a bedroom.

Velvet can be perfectly at home in a bathroom....

....or used to glam up some outdoor dining!

You could even let it go to the dogs....!

So much to love about velvet!

The alphabet will continue soon with W for .....what???

Till next time

Sharon x

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Perfect Holiday!

Some friends from the United States are coming to stay with us over the summer holidays in December and January. Somehow when you have visitors from elsewhere - it makes you look at your own surroundings with fresh eyes. I started thinking about what a fabulous place Cape Town is for a holiday and if you are visiting with US Dollars, Pounds, Euros, in fact most foreign currency, it would be even more fabulous because you would get such fantastic value for your money. Because many of the readers of this blog are from foreign shores, I thought I would do you a favour and find some wonderful accommodation for you if you were clever enough to plan a holiday in my part of the world.

I came across a website called CAPSOL that has a wonderful selection of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. I chose a few of the homes from their portfolio that I thought you might like.....

The first from Capsol's portfolio is called Overglen and is situated in Camps Bay along the Atlantic Seaboard. This 4 bedroomed home would be ideal for a family that likes a home away from home feel. It has a beautiful mountain backdrop and wonderful sea views.

It is decorated in such a cheerful and relaxed way that you really feel that you could move in and feel at home right away.

Comfortable furnishings in muted shades with accents of blue are evident throughout the home.

The main bedroom is so tranquil, perfect for morning lie-ins or afternoon naps!


The second home from Capsol's portfolio is called Bakoven Dream. You might recall a post I did here on another home in Bakoven, which, incidentally, is also in Capsol's portfolio. Bakoven has a small section of beach which is surrounded on either side by rocks and boulders. This secluded little bay is a great place for sunbathing and relaxing in the summer heat.  Imagine enjoying the magnificent sunsets sitting on this deck with a glass of chilled white wine from the Cape Winelands.....perfection!.

This home, right on the water's edge is light, bright and airy with sea views from almost every room.

Imagine waking up to the sounds of the ocean right on your doorstep every morning!

The home is decorated in shades of blue, grey and white which blend perfectly with its natural habitat.


The final home I'm sharing with you today is in Camps Bay and is called Big Rock Villa. This home is for those who like something a bit more sophisticated. It is very spacious and is perfect for a family who like entertaining on a large scale. Decorated in muted shades, and sumptuous fabrics, the interior invites you to sink into a comfortable sofa with your feet up and a good book or just gazing out at the wonderful views.

The kitchen has an extra long island, perfect for the type of meals where everyone helps to prepare the food or takes a seat to chat to the hostess.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are beautifully cool refuges from the summer heat.

 To find out more about these and many other stunning homes, visit Capsol's website here and get planning your perfect holiday. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed .....  that could be you sitting on that rock below!

I will be back next week with V is for ........ . In the meantime, plan your escape from the Northern Hemisphere winter and head to beautiful Cape Town where I'll be happy to meet you for a sundowner. Cheers!

Till next time.

Sharon x

All images via Capsol, except the 2nd image which is via Cape Town Direct and the last image  which is via National Geographic.