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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday Musings - Yearning for Yellow

Thank-you for all your good wishes for our trip at the end of the year. Heather from the wonderful blog 'Lost in Arles' gave me some fabulous ideas of things to do in New York. A reader called Anna from Orlando said she would be happy to provide me with some suggestions when we visit the area. Anna, if you read this, I would love some suggestions. (I couldn't find an email address to reply directly to you.) If there are any readers who can give me some suggestions of things to do in London over Christmas (with a husband and 4 sons in tow), I would love to hear from you too. Isn't the blogging world just fantastic!

Moving on to today's post...Spring was supposed to have arrived weeks ago. We are still waiting! We have had visitors from New Zealand who arrived with only summer clothes because they were coming to Africa and it is supposed to be hot! They have had to go shopping for jerseys and jeans!

I read somewhere that yellow is the colour that symbolises optimism and happiness. It is also the colour of sunshine so perhaps a post on yellow will encourage the universe to send some Spring weather our way! I sure hope so, and my visitors from New Zealand hope so too!

So Spring, if you're listening, please come to Cape Town! We are more than ready for you.

Till next time

Sharon x

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Townhouse in Greenwich Village


We are going to be in New York for a few days in December. (Yes, all the way from South Africa .... taking the boys to Disney World). We aren't staying in THIS townhouse, but how I wish we were! My husband and I stayed in Greenwich Village with some friends many years ago. They have since moved to Florida and we have since had four children (maybe they didn't really move, but just pretended that they had... I mean no-one wants a family of 6 to come and stay!) 


But, I digress. I love Greenwich Village and and love this townhouse I found on the website of  Fairfax and Sammons Architects.



Of course, I would have to go furniture shopping. That shouldn't be too hard - I do like shopping! 

I would make it comfortable and inviting...something like this.


I think this room would work well as a dining room...

...I would like to it to look something like this.


The kitchen looks great, but I don't plan on doing much cooking - we are on holiday after all!


A quick unpack... goodness ... what those airlines do to one's luggage!


There isn't a picture of the bedroom for some reason, but I guess it leads into this beautiful bathroom...I just couldn't decide what the bedroom should look like...I could either go calm and sophisticated like this...

or a bit more relaxed with a touch of colour like this....Oh dear.. now I am going to have sleepless nights pondering this dilemma!

And there is a second bathroom for the boys. Thank goodness!


I don't suppose the place we will be staying in will look anything like this, but a girl can dream.

Wishing you a happy Thursday

Till next time 
Sharon x