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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday Musings - Puddled Curtains

I love the look of puddled curtains. I don't have them in my home, but I wish I did. I'm just not sure how well they would combine with 4 active boys and 2 playful beagles.

They can vary from fairly gentle puddles to much deeper ones like the picture below.

I think puddles work best when the rest of the furnishings are somewhat understated as in Loi Thai's (Tone on Tone) beautiful home above.

You usually see them with plain curtaining, but they look lovely with the patterned curtains below.

I think they work just as well in casual spaces as in more formal ones.

Sheer curtains lend themselves well to softly draped puddling while more sumptuous fabrics look more voluptuous when puddled. The home below belongs to Nigella Lawson who is as gorgeously voluptuous as her curtains!

And finally.... a very casual approach to puddling below.

So, while the world leaders debate Iran and nuclear weapons, or the problems in Libya, let us interior design enthusiasts debate this important issue.... are you for or against puddling?

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Beautiful photos. I loved having my curtains puddle on the floor in my former house in NY....but living in France with very, very high ceilings has rendered those gorgeous curtains a bit short!

    Have a great week.

  2. Hi Sharon, Such a pretty look. My linen curtains have a funny habit of shrinking when the heat is on during the winter and lengthening to a (mini) puddle during the damp summer. I like them either way.
    All best,

  3. so much prettiness in puddling. i am all for it :)

  4. I am all for puddles Sharon! Just the word itself is fun:) I am like you however, and can't have them because of our lab who likes to burrow and lay on curtains...much to my chagrin! I even have an up-coming post on this because I had to pull them up since he is wrecking them. ugh! I love these photos especially the first. Pink is my favourite colour and I don't have it in my home....someday.

  5. Un beau billet ! J'aime beaucoup aussi les rideaux qui caressent le sol ainsi ... Et si toi le problème pour toi c'est tes fils et tes chiens, le mien c'est mes chats qui adorent s'y lover !!! Alors j'ai démissionné ! Bonne journée

  6. When I lived in house where puddling was possible, they always did, as i made my curtains, so badly that if they did not do the bunching at the bottom it was obvious how uneven they were! So, seeing these pictures have just solved my guilt about being such a bad seamstress, thank god i was being chic and not cheap!

  7. They always look so pretty!! I only have about two inches extra on mine drapes so they have a small break and work better with he animals!!

  8. Due to Dylan dogs hair we only have gentle puddles on our drapes any more and it hides a lot of hair underneath. I love the look and wish I could have more of a puddle but that's real life. Gorgeous post!


  9. I love the romantic, luxurious look of this type of curtains, but I agree, with kids in the house it's tough to pull off. And, as you said - dogs - they are a total dog hair magnet! But, they're still lovely to look at. :)

  10. I do have a few puddles here and there...sometimes it drives me crazy when not everyone in the house understand how to " puddle" them in the right way.
    Love to you
    Colette xx

  11. I wouldn't mind having some of these hanging in my home but first I think I'd need new windows, that is, bigger ones!

  12. Hello!
    New to your blog and so glad to have found you!
    Happy to follow another fabulous South African!!

  13. Sharon, I adore them...and even if it's only an inch or two on the's so much better than barely touching the floor...Go for the drama...your beagles and kids won't mind. Missing you. Mona

  14. I love a little puddle. I agree with Mona, go for the drama.

  15. I am definitely in the loving-the-puddle category.

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