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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Book full of Beauty

Over the years, I must have looked at 100 plus books on interior design, decorating, furnishings, architecture and so on, many of them wonderful books, illustrated with beautiful pictures. When paging through books like these, there is usually much that I like and quite a bit that I don't, and that is what I come to expect. I haven't ever come across a book  where I love absolutely every single photograph in the book. That is ... until now!

There is a book that is filled with page after page of such beautiful interiors, I think it has spoilt all other books for me.

The book I am referring to is ..... Segreto - Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors by Leslie Sinclair

This is not a book for casual flipping through. This is a book that deserves one's time and focus. There is such attention to detail in these interiors that I would find myself gazing at each image for ages before moving on to the next.  And because there are  300 pages - this book will keep you enthralled for days, weeks, maybe months depending how much free time you have!

The interiors are all so tastefully designed, furnished and decorated by the various designers involved, and the thing that really sets these interiors apart are the amazing plaster wall treatments done by Leslie Sinclair's team. They are so subtle, yet add such warmth and patina to a room.

I would quite happily live in any of the beautiful homes in this book.

I am completely smitten with this kitchen!

There is an understated sophistication about these interiors that is so appealing. Beautiful, but not overdone.

These bathrooms - Oh my!

So if you would like to treat yourself to a world of beauty, you can order the book here or via Amazon.

You can also listen to Leslie talk on The Skirted Round table

visit her blog here

or find her on facebook here

Now please excuse me as I once again lose myself in this incredible book.

Till next time

Sharon x

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pale and Pretty

I came across this French home and thought you might like to see it. It is predominately decorated in pale colours with only the wooden floors, staircase and some of the ceilings providing contrast. It has an interesting mix of French and Scandinavian furnishings. The curved lines of the French furniture work very well with the straighter, simpler Gustavian pieces and the light palette and airy feel add a definite Scandinavian touch.

What a fabulously long coffee table!

I love the way they have left the stairs unpainted. It prevents the interior from looking too bland.

Another view of the living room with the kitchen beyond.

 I love the painted ceilings.

The ceilings have been left unpainted which creates a cosier feel in this dining room. I love the chandelier.

I love the chicken wire in this cupboard. It allows the pretty linens to be on display but has a more casual feel than glass.


This dresser is built-in but looks like a free standing unit. The dark pottery looks wonderful against the painted background.

This is such an inviting kitchen.

Simply furnished bedroom and what a pretty bed!

I'd love to know what you think of this home.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Till next time

Sharon x

Image source: here

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hydrangea Hues

I came across this picture on tumblr and it was immediately drawn to the beautiful subtle colours and how wonderful they look combined together. I then set about finding interior pictures that show a similar colour combination. Here is what I found....


Have a wonderful week

Till next time

Sharon x

Images:  All via Tumblr and Pinterest except blue upholstered French bed via Chateau de Lille and 2nd last dining image via Eclectic Revisited