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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bedrooms for Boys

One of my readers asked me for some ideas for her son's bedroom. Having 4 sons of my own, this is probably one of the very few subjects I can talk about with any authority. 

Decorating for boys is not the easiest thing to do. Boys are boisterous. Boy's feet are always dirty. Boys will lie upside down on their beds with their feet against the wall. They will spend a large amount of time throwing a dirty tennis ball against the wall, over and over and over. Boys will regularly use their beds as a trampoline. They will draw or write on their bedlinen or their walls (depending on your reaction, they might only do this once!). Boys will empty their collection of dusty stones, crusty fossils or rusty nuts and bolts on their freshly laundered duvet cover. They will play with their pet snakes, lizards or rats on their beds. I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the picture. 

So boys bedrooms need to be pretty hard wearing, robust, practical and not too precious. But we also want them to look nice. Hopefully these pictures can provide some inspiration.

Red, white a blue has always been a popular choice for boys bedrooms.

A fridge in the bedroom would be a big hit with my boys.

I am not a fan of superheroes or Disney characters on bedlinen, but these are subtle enough not to offend.

If they are sports fans, use that as a basis for the decor.

A nautical theme is an enduring classic. If deciding to follow a theme for a bedroom, try to stick to the items that are easy to change later when they outgrow the theme. A boat-shaped bed won't work for a 13 year old!

I like the idea of using solid antique furniture rather than mass produced kids furniture.

Maps on the wall is one of my favourites. They look good and are educational at the same time.

These unusual headboards painted with a scene from a favourite story is a great idea for younger boys.

A wild west theme will probably appeal to most boys.

Shades of green are a good option.

If you prefer a paler or more neutral palette, these rooms below might provide some inspiration.

Soft blues are perfect for younger boys

Shades of brown are more masculine and work especially well for older boys.

Maybe you don't even need to bother with a bedroom at all. Just give them a pillow and they'll make themselves comfortable anywhere!!

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Beautiful inspiration Sharon, and I agree with all they need is a pillow and they can make themselves comfy anywhere! I know my son can.

  2. PERFECT POST!!! I soooo needed this! :) Hugs & Happy Monday to you!!!


  3. This post just made me smile and cringe a little, have you noticed with men they don't actually grow out of most things? There's a reason I can't have white in our home. Wonderful images and if I had a little boy I would have a tough time picking one room.


  4. I love this post!! There are so many great ideas!

  5. oh you're making my laugh Sharon...yes, boys are exactly as you say and you should know as you have 4 of them!!! I can't imagine! the rooms..and I really like the idea of sets of twin beds for kids least while they're young..great post!

  6. So, lovely. I'm in the middle of negotiations with my 13 year old daughter on her bedroom makeover. Our tastes are polar opposite,so a happy middle-ground is our goal. Much love, Lisa

  7. I love your description of what boys get up to in there rooms. As messy as they are, you've gotta love 'em. LOL. I only have 1 boy and he already has fossil and bug collections going as well as bringing in sand and nails and bits and pieces he's found. The map covered walls are my favourite as well as the bunks. Great inspiration for a redo. Leahx

  8. J'aime beaucoup, merci
    Bonne journée, agnès

  9. Oh Sharon... you know I can TOTALLY relate to this post!! Dirt-hiding fabrics are a must :) Love so many of these images! The one with the green lamps and the union jack flag is one of my all-time faves! I'm looking forward to decorating a "big boy" room for my oldest soon.

  10. I am trying to locate the bed from the Wild West photo. Any ideas where you pulled that image from? Thanks, Cally

  11. Hi Cally
    I have had that image on my files from before I started blogging so unfortunately did not keep a record of the source. Perhaps you could find someone to make a similar bed for you if you showed them this pisture. Good luck x Sharon

  12. Sharon,
    These are fabulous! Some I have seen and others are new. Great Inspirations form your other posts too. Love your Blog and I will definitely revisit! Jennifer