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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stone Walls

I have a current obsession with interior stone walls.  I love the solidity of them - as though they will stand forever. I also love the sense of history they give to a room - as if they have a story to tell. I love their texture, their unevenness, their imperfection. I prefer them paired with pale colours and perhaps limited to one feature wall so as not to feel too overwhelming.

They are beautiful in a living room.....

  and in a dining room.

They make a great statement in an entry way or passage.....

... and add such warmth and character to a kitchen.

They work very well with the soft furnishings of a bedroom... 


....and create interest in a bathroom.



Now please excuse me while a recline on this inviting daybed and dream about a house full of beautiful stone walls.

Have a wonderful Sunday.
Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. I'm with you Sharon I love stone walls! There's something so soothing about them and they work in every kind of interior.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. This post is the very reason that I keep our simple stone fireplace. There isn't a mantle. It (remarkably} has a little jagged edge..."smack dab" in the very place where I can place a wreath, a painting or a mirror.

    Sharon, as always, your story is beautiful!
    Happy Sunday, my friend!

  3. Sharon, I'm so happy you posted on stone walls today. We've been thinking of covering some brick columns inside the house with I know that would be a disaster. These are all so much more charming. Sending love....

  4. Stone walls are a favorite of mine! I doubt I'll ever have them because my husband doesn't like old houses, but it was fun drooling over your gorgeous photos!

  5. I'm with you Sharon,
    Love stone no matter where it is..the home, the garden, it's such a fabulous and versatile construction how it adds texture and a little depth to an interior...
    beautiful images..

  6. I share your obsession with stone walls. These pics are so gorgeous and inspirational. I agree, a feature wall of one or two walls is the way to go. I love every single one of these images!! Leahx

  7. Oh I think I have your obsession with stone walls too!
    Kylie x

  8. I love stone also..inside or makes me shiver I like it so much. It just adds so much warmth and character to any space. Great post. XO, Mona

  9. What an incredibly beautiful post, Sharon. I love them too and I can see I am not alone in that comment. :) They are masculine and feminine at the same time and also very practical in terms of sound and weather insulation so how can it go wrong?! Gorgeous examples - I'm off to pin several. :)

  10. Hi Sharon.. So beautiful.... want to pin the whole beautiful (oh I said that already!), but that second image is me to a tee. The artwork is also simlar to the art in my home , on which I just did a post about how the dogs reacted to the art. it was too funny! sighh i wish for wall like those.



  11. I love stone interiors. They add such charm and character to any space, but I especially love in a kitchen!!

  12. I didn't know I liked interior stone walls so much! These are absolutely beautiful!


  13. O my goodness, How did you find so many beautiful images for one post? I also love stone walls. I would love to stone a couple of walls in my home.It just adds charm. love so many of these pictures.

  14. Fabulous images, I love stone walls too.

    Leeann x

  15. Thanks for sticking up for - someone was having a bad Thanksgiving. Hope yours was wonderful!!

  16. I always look so forward to your posts! I love these images! Walls are out of the question here but I would love stone floors in our kitchen and baths!


  17. Thank you for your efforts in gathering all these wonderful stone walls pictures. I am about to chose how to decorate my house