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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Escape to the Beach


For those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere, our beach holidays are fast becoming a distant memory and I thought we could use a few visual reminders, and I'm sure our friends in the North have been dreaming of a beach holiday, to get through a long winter, so .....

.... I have compiled a post of enticing beach and beach house pictures for you to enjoy, wherever you are in the world.

A driftwood lamp and some sea green bottles lend a coastal vibe.


White washed wood - perfect for a beach house.

Must-have holiday reading.

Blue striped slip covers - perfect for sandy bodies.

Muted colours and natural fibres.

Window seats for sea gazing are imperative

Beachy bathroom

 The colours of sea and sand brought indoors.

Doors flung open to let the sea air in.

Bedrooms must be airy and comfortable

Shaded outdoor area for lounging and dining

Early morning beach comforts.

Just calling for an afternoon nap...

Maybe even a morning nap...

Inviting guest room for friends.

Dining with sea views.

(Bath)Room with a View

Dappled shade and endless views

The colours of beach sand

Perfect for breakfast.

There are no words....

The colours in this bedroom perfectly reflect the surrounding view.

Another gorgeous bedroom...

...and another.

Beach picnics, preferably with wine included, are compulsory.

Add some beachy brights...

....or let the view add the colour.

So keep dreaming and your day at the beach will come.

Till next time

Sharon x

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Of Parties and Platters

Happy New Year to all Roses and Rust readers. It's been more than a month since my last post! I must have thought I was on a holiday!
In fact I still am on holiday, but because I am missing you all, I decided to come out of hibernation to do my first post of 2015.

Usually, when we entertain during the year, we tend to have dinners or braai's (barbeques for the non-South Africans) and usually invite about 8 to 12 adults. Christmas, however, is a whole different ball game. We find ourselves entertaining 20 - 30 people at a time! I'm not complaining - it's all very festive, but the logistics of having enough cutlery, crockery and glassware becomes tricky and, even more tricky, how do we store all this paraphernalia when not in use. This brings me to the subject of today's post - kitchen storage.

My preference for storing all those plates, platters, salad bowls and other entertaining essentials is a large, glass fronted, good looking cupboard, placed conveniently in the kitchen or dining room. Here are some examples...





 A glass front is useful for being able to find things at a glance and keep them dust free, but other options are chicken wire which has a rustic appeal...

.....or a solid wooden statement cupboard or armoire like these below. Useful for storing things without having to arrange them in a visually appealing way...


Open shelves are also an option, especially for items that are used regularly....

Beautifully Organized Butler's Pantry - Minus the Butler | Organized Living

Built-in storage is probably the most space saving option and makes good use of wall space...


If you have the space and budget, a butlers pantry is great solution. Here are some examples...

White Butlers Pantry


If you don't have the space for a full butlers pantry, a small closet or pantry area can work very effectively...



If you are in the market for a storage cupboard for your kitchen, these are some of my picks....

So there you have it, your kitchen storage problems solved, no thanks required!

Wishing you a happy week further.

Till next time

Sharon x

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