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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Captivating in California

I wish I knew more about the owners of this house, but my research led to nought. So all I can tell you is that this home is based in California, it was built by Giffin and Crane and the owners clearly have excellent taste! I'm sure they are also lovely people because it is such a lovely home!

I love the garden. It is formal in style but not too formal. I love the way its divided into "rooms" and simply planted, mostly with box hedging. 

Moving inside, the home is beautifully furnished in an uncluttered, stylish way. The colour scheme is pale with touches of  muted colour to keep it interesting. 

The high ceilings and exposed trusses give it an airy, spacious feel.

The dining room with its Gustavian style furnishings has a simplicity that is very appealing. 

The kitchen has clean lines and the open shelving and lack of overhead cupboards keeps it from looking too "kitcheney". 

It also features a lovely breakfast areas that leads out to the patio. 

A close up of the beautiful breakfast area.

The main bedroom is just beautiful - light and bright, spacious and so elegant.

And finally, the bathroom with its lovely view out onto the garden.

If I moved into this house, I wouldn't change a thing. How about you?

Till next time

Sharon x

Pictures via Giffin and Crane

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Barcelona Beauty

"Barcelona - Such a beautiful horizon
Barcelona - Like a jewel in the sun"
Freddie Mercury

I have never been to Barcelona, but its been on my bucket list for a long time now. Of course, with our exchange rate such as it is, I'm not likely to be visiting there anytime soon, but there is nothing stopping me taking a virtual trip and the best thing about virtual travel, is the unlimited budget that goes with it! 

Because I am so obsessed with all things interior decor related, the first thing that I do for my virtual trip is find my accommodation and I thought you might like to see it. This apartment that I found is situated on the Rambla de Catalunya, one of the most central and emblematic streets of Barcelona. It has beautiful high ceilings with arched windows and other stately architectural features, but the thing that most appealed to me was the French inspired decor with some modern touches thrown in to make it more interesting. 

The combination of the wooden floors, the anthracite walls and the muted brown and dark grey colour scheme could have produced quite a gloomy interior, but the result is anything but! It has a warm, rich and elegant atmosphere that is so inviting. 

I can quite happily see myself sitting at this table with my husband and perhaps some friends, after a long day's sightseeing, snacking on some tapas or paella or any other delectable Spanish fare found at a local market. Friends who are lucky enough to have been to Barcelona, (you know who you are!)  tell me that the food markets are incredible and I am always a sucker for a good market.

If I was going to be picky, this kitchen is a tad contemporary for my taste, but since I'm not likely to be doing much cooking I don't really mind. And I love the wooden floors!

The chandelier  in the living room is so beautiful and did you notice the arrangement of empty gilt frames on the wall - such a clever idea.  Although I think my family would think I've gone mad if I did that. At least you get me.

The bedrooms are simply furnished with beautiful linen and gauzy curtains to let in the beautiful Barcelona light. There is something so romantic about a bedroom with a balcony. 

My husband reminds me that we do have a balcony onto our bedroom at home.

....But its not Barcelona!

White details... #deco #bedroom #style #bathroom #barcelona #urbanrent #tourism:

So there we are - my beautiful Barcelona home from home. If I keep dreaming about it, maybe one day it will become a reality.

 This has been quite fun. I think I will go and plan my next virtual holiday now. 

Till next time
Sharon x

Go here for details on this apartment.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Have you Caught on to Copper

I don't usually pay much attention to trends but even I have noticed that copper is very big at the moment. I am a bit ambivalent about this trend. I love some of it, but there is also much that I don't like.

However, I have long had a hankering for a set of copper pots. I do have a Scanpan copper skillet that I love and a saucepan, but the pots I'm talking about are those beautiful heavy duty French Mauviel copper pots. 

I don't need that many, just a few would do.... 


 They have such presence and substance, I could even feel slightly intimidated by them - I'm not sure my cookingwould live up to their expectations?

Perhaps they would push my cooking to greater heights.....they are not the sort of pots you use to heat up a tin of tomato soup!

 I think that anything cooked in one of these would automatically taste better!


They don't come cheap....

 ....and don't stay this shiny looking without some maintenance....

....but they still look good when weathered and tarnished.

 My copper wishlist is not limited to pots. How about this gorgeous copper range by La Cornue?


 Costing about the same as two small cars, I am not expecting it to appear under the Christmas tree, but a girl can dream...


 Only slightly more affordable is this very beautiful copper KitchenAid mixer. This must be the Rolls Royce of mixers!


This copper handled knife set, also by KitchenAid, is actually affordable.  See here....

 ...and these copper measuring cups get my vote for sheer cuteness!

Of course, copper does not have to be limited to the kitchen. You could be very indulgent with an exquisite copper bath....

....or make a statement with a beautiful copper basin.

I think this has a very masculine feel - great for a boy's bathroom.

I love this copper desk lamp. Find similar at NetDecor.

I like the idea of one or 2 smaller items in copper like a pot plant or candle holder, but the trick is not to go overboard.

So there you have my copper wishlist, in case anyone's interested. Maybe I should have timed this post closer to my birthday! But perhaps you can start saving - you'll need to for that La Cornue range!

Till next time.

x Sharon

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