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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feminine and Elegant

Spanish designer, Ana Ros, was the talented person responsible for this impeccable project, in which the priority was to preserve the  carefully restored ceilings, woodwork and period character of the home.

In the living room, a contemporary sofa is combined with other more classic pieces of furniture.

A console table placed between the sofa and the wall provides a space for interesting displays.

At one end of the room, the office area takes advantage of the delicious sun-drenched aspect. Notice the wonderful French oak floors.

In the entrance hall, one is greeted by an elegant chaise longue and glass standing lamp. The cushions and floral rug add touches of colour. 

The other end of the large entrance hall is furnished with classic French furniture and leads into the dining room through an elegant doorway. 

The architectural details in the dining room are so beautiful.

The bedroom is decorated in a simple, yet stylish way with accents of pink and green. French doors lead out onto a balcony, letting the beautiful light in.
Wishing you all a wonderful day.

Till next time

Sharon x

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monday Musings - Covetable Crockery

I used to collect actual tableware, but when my cupboards got too full and my wallet too empty, I started a virtual collection which I'm going to show you today. I love fine china, but for everyday use, I love the rustic, organic and sturdier feel of these gorgeous examples.

Such a gorgeous colour!

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Love the scalloped edge.

Perhaps not for everyday, but so pretty.

Love the bowls (the choccie looks great too!)

The handmade look has such appeal.

Do you have any virtual collections? 

Till next time

Sharon x

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Delectable Dining

Via Decorare on Tumblr

How divine....

Via Rajeee Sood dine....

Via Eclectic Revisited such exquisite surroundings...

Via Decorare on Tumblr

...exuding such wonderful atmosphere...

Via Conspicuous Style Blog

...with tasteful table linen....

Via e mag deco

...opulent objets...

Via Particular Poetry on Tumblr

...charming chandeliers....

Via House Beautiful

...abundant art...

Via Euro Antique Market

...covetable candelabras...

Via Eclectic Revisited

....tantalising tableware....

Via Belgian Pearls

 ....and fabulous furniture...

The meal itself hardly matters!

Till next time

Sharon x

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monday Musings - Shades of Pale

Via The Home Collection

There is something so....

Via Simplypix


Via Simplypix

Via Maison Decor

....and comforting.....

Via House Beautiful

...about these living rooms. 

Via Tumblr

Perhaps it's the absence....

Via Tumblr

...of any strong colour....

Via Tumblr

...just a beautiful blend...

Via Best Home Gallery

...of pale hues...

Via French Country Home

....and inviting textures.

Till next time

Sharon x