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Sunday, March 5, 2017

I've been framed!

The saying goes that "you are only as good as the company you keep". Well I must be pretty amazing based on the excellent company I keep! And, luckily for you, I'm going to introduce you to two of these talented friends.

The first is Sonette Wilson of FrameWorx. Sonette runs her framing business from her home based in in Cape Town's southern suburbs. She is one of those people who has the kind of effortless style that we all hanker after and her good taste extends to her framing skills. She will listen to what you think you would like, while at the same time making suggestions of her own that you will soon realise are far better than what you had in mind! She recently framed my protea painting in a simple white box frame and I couldn't be happier. 

It has brought the painting to life and given it a finished look that was previously lacking.

She has a range of frames, both plain and ornate, depending on your needs. 

Here a white frame and white mounting allow the painting to do all the talking.

She also does fabulous mirrors as in the example below....

.....and is often asked to frame memorabilia or special items for clients. Here she has framed a little statue of Ganesh, the Hindu God of Good Fortune. 

She recently framed a painting done by an artist friend of mine who I am also going to introduce to you. 
The process....

...and the beautiful end result!


So please contact Sonette for all your framing needs via her Facebook page

The painting above was done by my most talented friend, Trish Mitchell. I actually met Trish at art class and we clicked instantly. We love many of the same things and she is also a  Francophile, which instantly elevates her in my book! Trish has been painting for many years but has only recently decided to turn "professional". Long overdue IMHO! 

She has the most wonderful eye for colour and beauty and has a particular love for painting flowers....

...but can turn her hand to anything really, from people.... still lives... landscapes...

...and wildlife!

 Her artworks are real works of art! Trish has a website here and a blog here

So I have made it really easy for you, just contact Trish to aquire one of her beautiful oil paintings and then get in touch with Sonette for your framing and you are all sorted!

You're welcome!

Till next time

Sharon x