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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Aesthete's Alphabet - W is for Wire

Why might well ask! I could have chosen "wallpaper" as my blog friend Carolyn from Sweet Chaos Home suggested. (I feel that Carolyn and I are kindred spirits. She is also the lone feminine voice in her male dominated household of husband and 4 sons). I thought of choosing "wisteria" which are in bloom here at the moment and look magnificent. I considered "window seats" but then remembered I have done a post on them before. I nearly chose " wine" because ...... I just need it sometimes (Carolyn will understand). I settled on "wire" because for some or other reason, I seem to have collected loads of pictures featuring wire baskets and I was running out of time.

Useful for storage in an office, kitchen, bathroom or almost anywhere, great for picking herbs or fresh flowers, perfect for gift hampers or they can just be left empty as a decorative feature.Whatever shape or size, whether rustic and vintage or sleek and contemporary, I think every household could do with a few. Take your pick.....



There might be a bit of stalling before my next post ....... X is for ......because I'm finding it eXtremely difficult to think of something! 

Till then 
Sharon x

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Beautiful Beach House!

I am working on my next alphabet post but stumbled upon this house that I just had to post about. I am probably a bit slow on the uptake and you have already seen it, but I just couldn't take the chance in case you hadn't!
Situated on the oceanfront at The Strand, Dana Point, California, it features everything that I love.... French style, beautiful antiques, pared down simplicity, muted colours, light, wood, linen, wicker and best of all, a pool table and giant TV's so my boys would be happy here too. They don't really mind about any of the other stuff!

European style architecture and a beautifully manicured garden against the ocean backdrop set the scene.


Beautiful light fixtures and artwork are evident throughout the house.

The living room opens up to let the ocean in and nothing competes with the magnificent setting.

The ceiling makes a statement in the dining room.

The kitchen is magnificent....I would cook up a storm in here.


 The inviting breakfast area off the kitchen.

Just love this!

A more formal sitting area. I especially love the fireplace and the wooden floors.

A pretty arrangement in white. 

 Gorgeous staircase.

A lovely tablescape on the landing.

 Beautiful furniture, flagstone floors and aged woodwork - one could be in a chateau in France.

The bathrooms are all beautiful. Sadly I couldn't find any pictures of the bedrooms but can imagine what they would look like.

And finally, this is where my husband and sons would mostly be hanging out.

You would probably find me hanging out here too, but I would be gazing at the view, not the TV!

I wonder how my family would feel about relocating to California?

Till next time

Sharon x