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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stoney Cottage

The Karoo is an area of South Africa that still offers that unspoilt magic that is becoming more and more rare in the fast-paced, high tech world we live in today. There are few places where you can really escape and find total tranquillity and this home is one of them.

Absolute privacy guaranteed, not a neighbour in sight, the home sits comfortably in its surroundings. Off the grid, solar power and gas provide all the electricity needs.

 Packed slate walls, big comfy sofa's, throws and rugs, wicker and wood, all combine to make a most inviting interior.

In the evenings, light candles and lanterns so as not to detract from the huge star filled Karoo sky.

The colours inside are suitably muted and subtle, perfectly echoing the surroundings.

Big wrap around decks with latte ceilings provide shelter from the hot Karoo sun.

The cottage is situated in a private nature reserve. You might well see buck, zebra and other wildlife whilst sipping your sundowner.

Bedrooms are simple, yet luxurious, perfect for a good night's sleep after a hard day doing....well...nothing!

You have the option of taking a bath here, or you might decide to take a dip in a small rock pool and river running next to the house.

So why don't you take some good food, good wine and good company and get away from the city in this perfect bush hideaway!
Till next time
Sharon x


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Making an Entrance

If you want to make your house into a home that really reflects your personality and interests, the best place to start is in your entrance hall. A table or chest filled with a collection of things that have meaning to you, or that you find interesting or beautiful is a great way to tell your visitors a bit about yourself. Take a look at these lovely examples....

 This collection of things is quite eclectic, but the symmetry keeps it from looking chaotic.

The vase of blossoms add just the right height and scale, preventing the mirror from overpowering the table and objects below.

Such a lovely combination of textures.

Placing baskets or other similar containers under the table adds interest and can be useful as storage for shoes or other bits and pieces.

A weathered door placed on a trestle, some old books and battered suitcases, driftwood and other found objects.... you can put something like this together without spending a cent.

Using materials found in nature looks wonderful and is easily changed when you tire of your tablescape.

Also pay attention to the backdrop...I love this collection of mirrors. Gather some old picture frames from junk shops, place mirrors in them and voila!

Play with the height, scale and arrangement...until it feels right.

Fewer, larger items usually make more of an impact than many smaller ones.

Don't be afraid to put the practical evidence of your daily life on display, as long as it is done with some style.

Hopefully you have been inspired by some of these ideas so you too can "make an entrance".
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.
Till next time
Sharon x
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