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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skirting Around The Issue


To skirt or not to skirt - that is the question.... and I need your advice.

When we renovated (actually rebuilt) our house and 2+ years ago, I needed to be very mindful of our budget so instead of  built-in kitchen cabinets on either side of our range cooker,  I used  standard carpenter's workbenches, slightly modified, with the idea of replacing them in a few years. They are, in fact, working so well, that I don't think I will bother changing them, but I am toying with the idea of adding skirts to them. This is where you come in.

"It's Complicated" movie site

I have been collecting images of kitchens with skirted counters for a while and I do find them very appealing.

While I find my open shelves to be very convenient, especially as there is not a lot of space between them and the island, for opening and closing cupboard doors, I do wonder if adding a skirt would make my kitchen look a bit more streamlined?

My kids use these glasses 50 times a day and I know they will get irritated at having to push aside a curtain to get to them....



But in my home, I'm ashamed to say, aesthetics always wins over practicality, and they should know that by now!


If I went ahead, I would have a skirt that is easily removable for washing...

... but I don't want to have to wash it every week

Via The Little Corner on Tumblr

My island is tall and wide so tends to obscure the view of the open shelves from the family room.


So my internal debate rages on.... should I add a skirt or not?

Via The Paper Mulberry

I do like the look of them, but don't know if they will start to become an irritation.

I tend to put things on these shelves that I use daily or, at least very regularly, so gathering dust is not really an issue.


I like my kitchen to have a lived in look, but not cluttered. There is a fine line!

Via Segreto

But since I have open shelves above these workbenches and on either end of my island, I am wondering if that is not enough of my stuff on display.

If I add a skirt, I can use the shelving for things that are not for public view.

Via Green like Bathwater on Tumblr

But will my boys' grubby fingers opening and reopening the curtains, make them look tatty in no time at all?

Via House and Leisure Mag

As you can see, I have lots of questions going through my mind!

So, please tell me what you think. Have you had experience in this area, or do you just have an opinion one way or another? I would love to hear from you.

Via Daisy Pink Cupcake Blog

Till next time

Sharon x

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Bit of Blue

Via Momma Hen's Coop

I am mostly drawn to more neutral interiors and furniture painted in muted greys and stone colours. However, I have come across a number of pictures of blue chest of drawers lately that I just love!

Via Perfectly Imperfect

From the turquoise blue of the above 2 images ...

Via Providence Ltd the more weathered look of these examples above and below...

Source unknown

....and the more elegant look of the following two examples...

Via Northern Nesting

Via Pinterest - source listed as Google

...they all make such a statement, just in different ways.

Via Pinterest source Etsy

These French inspired versions are so pretty....

Via Pinterest

Via Miss Mustard Seed

...and I love the feminine curves of this one

Via Segreto

...and this one.

Via Colour Me Happy

And finally, I love these 2 gorgeous examples with a touch of gilt.

Via French Mademoiselle

I think I need to go on the hunt for a blue chest of drawers or like the talented Martina at Northern Nesting - just create my own.

Till next time

Sharon x

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Decadent Grandeur

Whenever I see pictures of interiors like these, I can't help but imagine the lives of the people who live there.

I imagine them to be beautiful and sophisticated, witty and eloquent, but easily bored, especially by the humdrum of everyday life.

They might have titles, or at least friends with titles...

... and their lifestyles will be non-conformist, somewhat bohemian and slightly decadent....

They don't have regular jobs

...rather trust funds or wealthy benefactors....

They might dabble in the arts or the theatre.

Some of them have probably gambled away the family fortune which would account for the cracks and peeling plaster on the walls.

Their lives are filled with drama and they live on the edge.

There are tales of seduction and unrequited love.

They are hedonists....

...who indulge themselves lavishly.

They imbibe frequently and plentifully.... escape the boredom or the darkness that sometimes occupies their minds.

They generally eat out so their kitchens aren't for cooking...

...just slicing lemons for their G & T's...

...or nibbling on gourmet cheeses and imported fruit.

They always have a number of house guests, who they choose for their witty conversation and entertainment value.

They sleep till noon....

after a long night of parties.

They might start their day with a long soak in the bath....

....sipping French champagne.

Their homes are grand, with elements of decay...

...the fabrics are opulent velvets and silks, but often faded and worn.

There is beautiful art on the walls...

....and valuable antique furniture.

Their decor is eclectic...

...often including pieces obtained on travels to exotic places.

There are no decorating rules here.

Do you think there are people who live like this...

...or do I just have an overactive imagination?

Till next time

Sharon x

The amazing wall treatments in this image were done by
Leslie Sinclair's company Segreto. You can see my
blog post about Leslie's beautiful book here.

Other image sources: Eclectic Revisisted, Simple Everyday Glamour, Casa Decorada, House and Leisure Magazine, Indulge Decor Blog, Tumblr and Pinterest

Finally, it was not my intention to offend anyone who actually lives in these homes or to suggest that they live less than impecable lives. This post was just intended as a fun-filled fantasy. I should add that I am extremely envious of anyone who gets to live in such beautiful surroundings.