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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Potting benches and other things...

If you are a gardener or even if you're not, there is something so appealing about about a space for potting or pottering.

It might be a fabulously organised space in your home or garden shed....

...or just a humble bench in the garden.

The luxury of having a dedicated surface where you can do your thing with pots and plants ...

..... is a real treat.

Storage for all your garden paraphernalia is important and if nicely displayed, can make a lovely feature. It could be a cupboard, or ......

....a standard hardware store bench or even......

....a plant stand which is both decorative and useful for storing garden tool and pots.

A simple table placed in the garden is very useful and creates some visual interest.

You might be lucky enough to have a dedicated room or shed for potting and gardening.

You need to gather all the necessary equipment....

Beautifully aged and weathered pots....

.... cloches for tender seedlings....

....books, trugs and buckets...

...plant labels and twine....

...and watering cans and garden tools.

A desk to sit and make notes and keep records would be nice...

....and a deep sink essential.

Of course, a real luxury in a home would be a room or area specifically dedicated to....

...flower arranging alone! Imagine how wonderful that would be...

With shelves for all your vases....

....and a large sink to contain all the mess.

A casual display of some well chosen gardening accessories even works when entertaining.

All I have is a humble little bench in a corner, but a girl can dream!

Do you also dream of a "gardening room" or are you lucky enough to have one already?

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. I have had a plan to build a potting bench on my 'to do list' for a while now. I agree with you Sharon, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a 'potting room' complete with all the things you listed. Sigh.....your images are so beautifully inspiring....
    xox Kerry

  2. What a beautiful post! The green I am feeling with envy is greener than my thumb:) But that would not stop me from wanting and getting a potting bench or hutch..they are just so darn charming!

  3. What lovely ideas, I really need one of these. On my list.x

  4. I wish I did have one, and most of all I wish I had time to dedicate to gardening!

  5. Stunning inspiration pics! I have always wanted a potting bench....maybe some day?!?!?!

  6. I love the idea of a flower arranging room. Somehow combining the both would be fantastic. To have all the necessities on hand and tidy for gardening and flowers would be lovely. Leahx

  7. Magnifique ce post, je n'est pas cette chance

  8. What a beautiful inspiring post Sharon... I am hoping to turn a small little screened porch into more of a gardening/potting area when we renovate this summer. I love potting benches and have made a few for varied uses, they are great worktables for flowers as well as other things. Fodder for my garden loving soul, N.xo

    1. Sharon, So many beautiful images. I love the blue pots. Wish i was a gardener after seeing these images.

  9. It's always been a dream to have a potting shed...such gorgeous images for my Friday. Happy weekend, Sharon!!

  10. I love, love potting areas and as you know I'm begging my husband for an outdoor sink. I ned to show him this post. HA! Have a great weekend. XO, Mona

  11. Sadly, I am not much of a gardener, but I do love all these potting benches! Gorgeous images!!

  12. I soooo wish we had the space for this!!! I would set it up as a bar for parties. I do have an antique French stone trough that looks like a sink though.

  13. A potting room is on my "dream list", but I'd be happy with an adorable potting bench like you have at present! Your photos are feeding my hunger for spring!


  14. Sharon, I have on and off had potting benches, then never get my act together with using them. You've inspired me! And I love the photo of yours at the end, how gorgeous!

  15. AMAZING!
    Happy San Valentine Sharon!
    Bisous, Babi

  16. When the sun is out I can usually be found on my hands and knees, covered in muck, planting flowers! I don't think I would use a bench because I am too spontaneous!

    Lovely post, as usual!


  17. What a devine post! I have had a bench sitinng on my pc winking at me that I would love for someone to bild for me!! I am totally in love with it and have decided that evn if I move to a postage stamp that i would make a space for it to look fab in! Your humble little bench is totally charming and I bet gives you much pleasure! Now I am going to pin up a storm ...bench or two for my gardening board to dream over!


  18. I love that backer's rack turned potting bench! Any chance you have the source for that picture??