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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Decadent Grandeur

Whenever I see pictures of interiors like these, I can't help but imagine the lives of the people who live there.

I imagine them to be beautiful and sophisticated, witty and eloquent, but easily bored, especially by the humdrum of everyday life.

They might have titles, or at least friends with titles...

... and their lifestyles will be non-conformist, somewhat bohemian and slightly decadent....

They don't have regular jobs

...rather trust funds or wealthy benefactors....

They might dabble in the arts or the theatre.

Some of them have probably gambled away the family fortune which would account for the cracks and peeling plaster on the walls.

Their lives are filled with drama and they live on the edge.

There are tales of seduction and unrequited love.

They are hedonists....

...who indulge themselves lavishly.

They imbibe frequently and plentifully.... escape the boredom or the darkness that sometimes occupies their minds.

They generally eat out so their kitchens aren't for cooking...

...just slicing lemons for their G & T's...

...or nibbling on gourmet cheeses and imported fruit.

They always have a number of house guests, who they choose for their witty conversation and entertainment value.

They sleep till noon....

after a long night of parties.

They might start their day with a long soak in the bath....

....sipping French champagne.

Their homes are grand, with elements of decay...

...the fabrics are opulent velvets and silks, but often faded and worn.

There is beautiful art on the walls...

....and valuable antique furniture.

Their decor is eclectic...

...often including pieces obtained on travels to exotic places.

There are no decorating rules here.

Do you think there are people who live like this...

...or do I just have an overactive imagination?

Till next time

Sharon x

The amazing wall treatments in this image were done by
Leslie Sinclair's company Segreto. You can see my
blog post about Leslie's beautiful book here.

Other image sources: Eclectic Revisisted, Simple Everyday Glamour, Casa Decorada, House and Leisure Magazine, Indulge Decor Blog, Tumblr and Pinterest

Finally, it was not my intention to offend anyone who actually lives in these homes or to suggest that they live less than impecable lives. This post was just intended as a fun-filled fantasy. I should add that I am extremely envious of anyone who gets to live in such beautiful surroundings.


  1. oh for sure....our home have cracks...and I pile grapes high on my table...sleep till noon...I have no decorating rules..well few...always include trouvaile from travels...the list is too long...ha ha, enjoyed your post and splendid images! have a lovely HOT Sunday! Colette X

  2. I am so smiling Sharon. I love these pictures and ever so thankful what you described is not my life...mostly the wealth part.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Sharon, bravo! This is fabulous and sooooo much fun! I feel like I just got a peek into someones life. And yes I know there are people like this, not a lifestyle I would want personally as I feel they are always chasing something, which they will never obtain. But you painted such an interesting, exotic and mysterious picture, it was fun to get caught up in your dream for a few minutes. Excellent!!

  4. Sharon I love this post and now you have my imagination running wild! Have a great week:)

  5. Gorgeous pics....I can't even imagine living in places like that! Well, except for the cracks in the walls part,we have plenty of those around here!!!

  6. How did you describe my life so perfectly? !!
    This is so much fun, my friend. Of course, there are people who live like this, even in today's world. Let's hope they have some vestige of humanity and help many charitable causes as they glide through their lives. Fun and witty post, cookie-belle. Loved it !!

  7. I would think that if one lived within such awesomeness, one would not be allowed to be bored. It would be against the rules! Gorgeous, imagination inspiring photos.

  8. Whoever they are, they have fabulous taste ;)

  9. Well, they have the money to indulge in whatever they like. Live and decorate however they like. It could be fun. Would I complain? I don't think so. As long as there was something worthwhile to indulge in as well. Loved this post. Leahx

  10. That was so much fun! You painted such an amazing picture in my mind and it was fabulous. Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

  11. I love the first bath, simply wonderful! I can stay in a bath like that for hours...
    I'm happy you like my pictures in the last post, I love that boutique and I'm so happy because the first week end of March I'll go to visit it! Poor portfolio :)
    Bisous, Babi

  12. En tout cas ils ont bons goûts!
    Bonne journée

  13. No offense taken. I think your post was fabulous.


  14. Decadent is right! I love the idea of being a nonconformist! Is that Rosamund Pike in the second picture? I liked this so much, I Pinned away!


  15. beautiful classic interiors--that copper bathtub is sublime! New to your blog and just love it!

  16. Totally decadent!! But those dinning rooms with candle lights are gorgeous!!
    Fun post!

  17. What a beautiful post!!! Ha! I've often wondered the same thing! So much grandeur! How does one do it all??

    Thanks for your wonderful inspiration!


  18. oh I so wish....!!!! he he...what a wonderful way to live...!?!...I mean starting the day with a soak in the bath...It just sounds too divine...thanks for lovely dream...xo

  19. Bring it on...if only for a day. How amazing. I promise that I would be very nice and share with all of my family and friends. Fabulous post, Sharon. Just got home from the hospital with my Daddy and this was such a welcome escape. I'm going to be pinning every image. We've ordered the new book from your post to sell in our shop. They haven't arrived yet, but I can't wait. Have a great weekend. XO, Mona

  20. I just found your blog from Tina's and am so glad that I did because I honestly can not remember a post that forced me to drag more images into my inspiration folder! You see, it is the decay amidst the grandeur that gets me every single time. And yes, in other times I would all too happily have lead that kind of sleepy, longing life. Now, I am NOT one of those folks who say "Oh, I like you now pop over and see me" but the coincidence is too strong--I just wrote a post yesterday where I imagined my life in such environments based on photos that I took on a recent trip to the Var, here in the South of France. Great minds think alike!

    Bon weekend et encore merci...

  21. What a splendid post. I feel like I have been taken away to a magical fairytale land if not for a few minutes. Found you from Enchanted Home and am now going to follow you.