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Friday, September 23, 2016

Mix don't match!

One of my pet hates in home decor is matching furniture suites. They make a room look so bland, boring and unimaginative and should simply not be tolerated!

Probably the worst in my book are those matching bedroom suites (think Joshua Doore) where the bedside tables, match the dressing table as well as the chest of drawers and possibly the headboard. That is the biggest no-no for me. That's non-non in French, nein-nein in German and nyet-nyet in Russian, just in case there is any misunderstanding. Please people, don't go there!

 I can live with matching bedside tables at a push, although contrasting ones look so much more interesting, but that is as far as it should go. If you have matching bedside tables, then consider treating them differently to add some interest as in the photo below.

 If you are unfortunate enough to have inherited a matching bedroom suite, or bought one in a moment of extreme bad taste, you need to relocate part of this matching set to another room. Move the dressing table to your guest room and the chest of drawers to your living room. Go and do it right now...I'll wait!

There you see .... so much better.... now we can all breath easier!

Just in case you still aren't quite sure, here are some pretty mismatched bedrooms to inspire you.....



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Monday, September 19, 2016

South Africa on the World Map

To all my readers in the UK, you don't want to miss this....  100% Design UK, the world's biggest trade event is taking place in London from the 21st to the 24th of September.

 South Africa's fantastic online shop, NetDécorhave brought some fabulous & unique décor accessories from South Africa and would love to show them to you. They are offering you a VIP invite. All you have to do is click on this link to register.

NetDécor will be located at the EMERGING BRAND section - STAND EB378. So why don't you pop on over, enjoy what South Africa has to offer and say hello to Miranda from me. 

And while on the subject of South Africa, I'm am very proud to tell you that the Condé Nast Readers Travel Awards 2016 chose Cape Town, my home town, as the Best Overseas City for Restaurants and Bars! This global travel magazine also voted Cape Town as the runner-up in the category of favourite overseas city! In addition, Conde Nast also rated South Africa as one of the most affordable holiday destinations in the world. 

So, to my readers all over the world....what are you waiting for? Just hop on a plane to Cape Town to enjoy the best food and drink, in the world, not to mention spectacular scenery, beautiful weather and the most wonderful people and all for next to nothing! You really can't go wrong. 

If you love food and wine, hiking or hotels, watersports or shopping, beaches or clubs, Cape Town is the place to visit ....there is something for everybody.

 I'll be waiting for you

Till next time

Sharon x

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