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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday Musings - Yearning for Yellow

Thank-you for all your good wishes for our trip at the end of the year. Heather from the wonderful blog 'Lost in Arles' gave me some fabulous ideas of things to do in New York. A reader called Anna from Orlando said she would be happy to provide me with some suggestions when we visit the area. Anna, if you read this, I would love some suggestions. (I couldn't find an email address to reply directly to you.) If there are any readers who can give me some suggestions of things to do in London over Christmas (with a husband and 4 sons in tow), I would love to hear from you too. Isn't the blogging world just fantastic!

Moving on to today's post...Spring was supposed to have arrived weeks ago. We are still waiting! We have had visitors from New Zealand who arrived with only summer clothes because they were coming to Africa and it is supposed to be hot! They have had to go shopping for jerseys and jeans!

I read somewhere that yellow is the colour that symbolises optimism and happiness. It is also the colour of sunshine so perhaps a post on yellow will encourage the universe to send some Spring weather our way! I sure hope so, and my visitors from New Zealand hope so too!

So Spring, if you're listening, please come to Cape Town! We are more than ready for you.

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Wonderful pictures!! So much inspiration in them!
    Yellow is such a bright and happy color!

  2. Sharon - December in NYC and London? How wonderful!! I know NYC will be beautifully decorated for the holidays. If you have time, visit Bergdorf Goodman just to see the wonderful displays. The big stores have fabulous sales as it gets closer to the holidays. And I love Radio City's Christmas Spectacular. A Christmas classic for the entire family.

  3. Sharon, these are some of the prettiest pictures I've seen in a very long time! I will be pinning these for sure! I can't imagine Spring not being there yet as it is still hot here and we are wishing for fall! Isn't that amazing? I'm so glad you've had such great advice from fellow bloggers! It really is wonderful to have such great blogging friends!

  4. Hi Sharon, Funny to think you are waiting for Spring while we are looking forward to winter, and hoping for a very snowy one! I hope you have a fabulous time in New York; I will ask my sister in London for some ideas for your Christmas trip. And I love that yellow kitchen!

  5. Sharon you've shown some stunning pictures! I hope the yellow works for you and you and your guests are soon warmed by the sun! We're in fall now and I'm already cold so maybe we could share that sun.

    Enjoy your week!

  6. Stunning images as always Sharon! I love yellow, green and red too. I hope while your in NY you go and see a Broadway show. The Lion King would be a great choice, I think you all would enjoy it. Then have dinner at Carmine's, it's a fabulous Italian restaurant YUM! We eat there all the time.

  7. Holy cow! With all that yellow, you're SURE to see a change!

    Happy Spring!

  8. such a happy colour! i needed a bit of yellow today :…
    x sandra

  9. Yay for yellow! Yellow always makes me smile. I put a yellow damask paper in my office and I love it! I keep forgetting that we are opposite to you in seasons, I am sitting in front of a fire, and you are waiting for the heat of summer! Thanks for the sunshine:)

  10. We always had a yellow house growing up! It is really coming back strong in fabrics so I know I will be following with walls!! One day hopefully you will come to Houston and I can then tell you fun things to do!! xo Leslie

  11. My favorite color, Love it all!

    The French Hutch

  12. Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, you out did your self! Beautiful post....

  13. WOW. I really do love yellow...especially that kitchen backsplash. Such a great photo review. Loved it all.

  14. Sharon,

    Absolutely made my day with all this yellow.. the happiest color on the planet :) Your images are always stunning and I feel I need to save in my decor/inspiration file!

    Such a fun trip planned!! Wow! .. four boys! You ARE busy! I agree, the blogging world is wonderful. A great resource and you meet wonderful people all over the world.

    Enjoy the start to a new week and happy spring to you!


  15. Oh j'aime beaucoup l'escalier jaune et la porte N°11 .... Merci pour ces belles visites et bonne fin dejournée

  16. Your selection of yellow pictures is lovely. I hope that spring arrive to your country, here in Argentina we have a great is raining...but the sunny days are the most

  17. Lindas imagens, a primavera trás luz e alegria a nossos dias.O amarelo traz luz e energia.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  18. So, so pretty Sharon. Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I would love to be having breakfast on that balcony this morning.

  19. I'm so glad I saw this post! I have been considering removing some splashes of yellow from one of my rooms and have now definitively decided against it. Who knew yellow could be so gorgeous!


  20. Olá, Sharon!
    Encontrei teu blog através do "Minha vida de campo" e confesso que adorei as imagens, amarelo para mim é vida, calor e alegria.
    Por aqui, sul do Brasil, também é início de primavera e hoje faz muito calor, logo mais teremos chuva.

  21. Hi Sharon! What a fabulous post, some amazing rooms here! I, of course love a variation in the name of ochre!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment!

    Sending love