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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A wonderful break, now I'm back

With my family in Covent Garden, London

I won't bore you holiday stories or photos, but I do want to congratulate my American and British blog friends and readers on your wonderful countries. My family and I had such a fantastic time in both countries and everyone we came across was so friendly and helpful. My 15 year old son is having a hard time deciding if he wants to live in London or New York one day!

I actually got back more than a week ago, but have been having a bit of trouble getting my blogging "groove" back. Has this ever happened to you?  I am going to need some time to think of new ideas for posts this year. My brain is definitely still in holiday mode! But I have to start somewhere so in this post I'm just going to show you some random ideas that I like and perhaps you will like too. 

This is such a great look. It is perfect for hiding a less than attractive table and if you are short of storage, a basket placed underneath can hold all those things you don't want in the public eye. A very elegant and budget beating option, in my opinion.

This arrangement is the perfect solution for a guest room. If your guests require two single beds, instead of a double, you can just move them apart and put the table between them. Definitely more versatile that a double bed. 

The lack of any overhead cupboards make this kitchen feel far more spacious than it actually is. The demi-lune table flanked by 2 chairs works very well in this fairly narrow space - the perfect spot for a cup of tea or a chat with a friend.

I thought that this was such a clever idea, all you need are some glass vases and different sizes of rope and voila! Another budget beater too.

I love these overstuffed ottomans placed at the bottom of the bed. I can imagine having a cup of coffee here, a chat with my husband, the ideal place for the dogs to have a nap and if I need extra seating anywhere else in the house for an occasion, I could use these. Perfection!

I love, love, love this idea of using factory style doors and windows for a shower enclosure. It has so much more character than the more common plain glass shower surround.

And finally, what a great way to use that vintage silver tea set that has been gathering dust - to house your bathroom essentials - of course!

In closing, a big welcome to my new followers, and wishing you and all my regular (and irregular) readers a  New Year alive with possibilities!

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Love your images...
    I too had trouble getting my blogging groove back,
    but I'm not really in a hurry... I'm still enjoying the luxury of a few lazy days.

  2. Welcome home and happy new year!! Sounds like it was a wonderful trip takes time to get back in the swing of things, take your time. Look forward to hearing more about your travels...and tell your son both picks are fabulous, he can't go wrong:)

  3. Welcome back! Great inspirational photos.

  4. What a lovely family Sharon. I'm so glad you had a nice holiday. I think everyone has trouble with their blogging groove from time to time. I know I do.

    Welcome back. Your images are wonderful. Wouldn't it be fabulous to step into that shower every morning...

  5. Welcome back friend!! So glad you had a wonderful time!
    Beautiful images, I love the shower door and the silver set used for toiletries.

  6. There you are! Missed you! Sounds like you and your lovely family had a wonderful holiday!
    It looks like you have your "groove" back, Sharon. This is a wonderful post!
    Happy New Year to you and that handsome family of yours!

  7. Happy New Year!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday! I want to hear more about it! That tree behind you and your family looks amazing!

  8. Welcome home and so glad you had a great time. Missed your wonderful posts...I think all bloggers go through "the block" at one time or another.

  9. So glad you had an enjoyable vacation! I think it is just the time of the year as far as blogging. I have many projects but cannot manage to start a single one!
    I was so excited to see your comment on my measly blog! You always bring a ray of sunshine when you visit!



  10. Sharon!!! So nice to have you back:) I am glad you had a fabulous time, feel free to check out Canada some time too;) Beautiful I love your french words of the day too. My french is rusty and this is fun! xob

  11. I'm so glad your trip was memorable! I love this post of randomness. I've gotten some excellent ideas to pin here! Thanks!

  12. De très jolies photos!
    Belle année

  13. Your family is so beautiful!! So happy you had such a wonderful time!!! xo Leslie

  14. Welcome Back Sharon! We missed you! I love the idea of the two ottomans at the end of the bed a good cat napping spot as well. I agree with you on the rope...when I saw that image I thought it was pure rope!

  15. Hi Sharon!

    Glad you are back and sounds like you had a wonderful break with your family. Great photo at the top! Look at all those kids! You are no doubt a busy mom:)

    Beautiful images as usual! Good designers always seem to come up with the most cleaver ways to use resources, or make do.. with a less than perfect place. I'm referring the covered table and I also like the kitchen. My girlfriend always says you sometimes need to bring out the smoke and screens (thought that was kinda funny) :)

    Hope your week is going well and the groove is coming back!


  16. Sharon,
    Welcome back. I have had the same problem...I need a muse, something to get the wheels turning again. I believe each idea I've had seems like one I've already done. I've been prescribed some creative juice, take once daily, and hopefully that will help. :-)
    Happy New Year.

  17. So glad you had a great holiday--I hope NY wasn't too cold for you! Happy New Year!

  18. Hello Sharon, welcome home!
    Lovely pic of your family in London, and love the clever decorating ideas-
    I understand fully abour getting back into blogging mode, my excuse is that I am still at the beach house and bad internet connection ads complication, as for bloggin on ipad- have given up on trying that.
    Back to routine next week! Enjoy the last Week of holiday and wishing you only the best for 2013.
    Col XxX

  19. Happy New Year, Sharon! Welcome back. I think your readers would love to read all about your trip....I know I would!! Between London and New York? Why not both? :)
    Cheers to a fabulous 2013 ~ Loi

  20. Bon retour, heureuse de te retrouver ! I'm glad to read you again :)
    Je te souhaite une Bonne et Heureuse année !!!

  21. Happy New Year, Sharon! So glad you enjoyed a nice vacation. I would love to visit YOUR country! We had friends living there several years ago, but missed our opportunity because we were in baby mode. Someday... :)