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Monday, April 17, 2017

A Good Getaway

I have been somewhat absent from cyberspace for a while. It often happens during the holidays - I have more time but get less done! Which is not a bad thing really. We did celebrate a wedding anniversary and the twins had a birthday. It's hard to believe my babies are now 15! And when you share your home with 4 teenage boys, you need and deserve a night off every now and then so my husband and I skipped town and went to Franschhoek to celebrate our anniversary - 22 years. Newly weds compared to my parents' 63 years! 

Our first stop was Babylonstoren for lunch. I absolutely love this place. The lunch was delicious and healthy which was just as well because we pigged out at dinner! More about that later....

Quite a few of our friends are at a similar life stage to us, nearing an empty nest and wondering, when their children leave home, if they will still find common ground with their spouses. One thing my husband and I will always have in common is wine, so wine tasting seemed to be a good way to spend the afternoon. The first stop was Rickety Bridge, then Dieu Donne where the views were beautiful and we met group of Belgian tourists and a very entertaining young Finnish doctor who was travelling around South Africa. I didn't take any pictures sadly - too busy tasting wine with our new friends! 

We then checked in at our guest house, Les Chambres which I can definitely recommend. This was our bedroom and bathroom...

The other bedrooms looked just as pretty...

Furnished in a way that is more homely than "hotelly"....

Breakfast was served out here next to the beautiful fountain. 

The dinner venue where we over-indulged was Bon Vivant. The food was really excellent and we had some more delicious wine. The name of the restaurant means "good living" and we felt compelled to live up to the name. 

The next morning we wandered around the market that takes place every Saturday, stopped for a coffee and, of course, no trip  to Franschhoek would be complete without a visit to Masquerade, my favourite shop. It could well become yours too, even if you don't go to Franschhoek because you can shop online!  You're welcome!.

So, all in all, a good getaway and some happy memories to get us through the winter.

Till next time

Sharon xx


  1. A very Happy Anniversary Sharon. I love how your celebrated and I am sure you have much in common with your husband. What a place to celebrate I love your room and agree with the decor so much more friendly compared to commercial like hotels.

    Have a glorious week
    Helen xx

  2. Great post and vicariously enjoyed your getaway! Masquerade looks enticing but when coud not find it on the web.

  3. Oh my gosh - thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. These are places that are definitely on my bucket list. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Thank you for your blog - I always look forward to reading it.