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Monday, October 31, 2016

My Pinteresting Life

My son, Jack, has been recuperating in hospital after an op, so I have been spending many hours at his bedside doing what any good mother would do, trawling through Pinterest! 

I think the appeal of Pinterest is that you can almost create a whole parallel life for yourself with no constraints, financial or otherwise. 

Of course in my Pinterest life I am slim and gorgeous with perfect hair and teeth.

 I have impeccable taste and faultless style.

 I live in an exquisite home

 which I decorated myself.

 I entertain beautifully and whip up amazing meals in my perfect kitchen

 whether it's a dinner for a hundred

 or a picnic for two.

 I go on incredible holidays,

 dressed in the perfect clothes 

and with all the right travel accessories.

I am amazingly creative. I produce the most beautiful paintings in my wonderful studio.

 I don my perfect linen apron

 and make homemade gifts for my friends.

 Not only are the gifts homemade, but so is the wrapping paper 

and the gift tags.

 There really is no end to my talents.

Now if only we could leave this hospital so that I can start living my Pinteresting life!

 Till next time

Sharon x

All images via Pinterest


  1. Haha!!!! Sharon I love this post and know exactly what you mean! All those 'superwomen' out there making us feel really useless and such. I'm not into Pinterest but often get the same feeling from blog world.

    Hope your son recuperates quickly - know he's glad he has you nearby to keep his spirits up.

    Mary -

  2. Ha,Ha, I thought I was the only one living a perfect fantasy life! I love your blog, best to you from Utah!

  3. OMG, you are absolutely wonderful !!! Of course, we all feel the same way, but no one could have put it in a more creative, beautiful, funny way. I LOVE this post, Sharon !!!

  4. ...and everyone, including me would be your best friend! hahaha. This was not only clever and entertaining, but incredibly beautiful. I want to live in Pinterest-world. :-) Although I couldn't help but wonder how the woman on safari would keep her white shirt and slacks pristine, even while petting a lion.
    Speedy recovery for your son!

  5. Hi Sharon

    Geeeeeeeeeeee you have me in stitches most days....
    I love, love, love your style of writing...
    I cannot wait to read your posts
    I agree, what a treasure trove Pinterest is for sure....
    I love your home, I love your style
    I have ''travelled'' with you for years....I love your DIY, tips, sewing, painting, trawlings shops/sites
    Your recent photo is great, your hair is super!