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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tumblr(ing) in Bed

School holidays have begun which always means a very welcome change to my morning routine. None of that bleary-eyed stumbling out of bed, waking sleepy children and getting lunchboxes together with half-closed eyes, desperately trying to remember which child likes what on his sandwich and who doesn't eat bananas. 

The holidays mean waking at a more leisurely pace, getting a most welcome cup of coffee in bed from my sweet husband, cuddling with the dogs and browsing through Tumblr on my iPad. As much as I enjoy reading blogs and checking in on Facebook, my go-to place first thing in the morning is Tumblr. I like the fact that it is purely visual, I don't have to read or concentrate too hard, I just look at one beautiful picture after another.  The images can be anything from dogs to decor, flowers to fashion, art to animals or babies to baguettes It is like therapy for me, guaranteed to put me in a good mood.

Here is a sample of this morning's inspiration.....


So if you don't already... I can really recommend Tumblr(ing) in bed as a good way to start your day.

Till next time

Sharon x

My favourite Tumblr sites:


  1. Hi, Sharon! I love these Tumblr images and will visit your favorite sites for inspiration. My favorite site is The Fuller View (by photographer David Fuller). His images also include everything. All stunningly beautiful! I can spend hours on his site! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Tumblr is a favorite for the reasons you've words, just pure and consistent beauty. I'll be checking out your favorites, I can always use an infusion of new inspiration.
    Have a great holiday with your boys.